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Josh Holloway"Lost" fans hoping for a Sawyer-Miles buddy-cop spinoff may have to wait awhile because things just got a whole lot more "Impossible" for Josh Holloway.

Holloway, who played badboy-with-a-heart-of-gold Sawyer for six season on "Lost," is in final negotiations to team up with Tom Cruise for "Mission: Impossible 4." In his first post-Island film gig, Holloway will join newbie recruits Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner, as well as returning vets Simon Pegg and Ving Rhames, in enlisting in the Impossible Mission Force headed up by Cruise's Ethan Hunt.

With J.J. Abrams producing and "Incredibles" director Brad Bird at the helm, we couldn't be more enthusiastic about the film's prospects. And Holloway's proven proficiency with both firearms and a sharp one-liner make us confident he'll earn his keep in the cast. In short, we can't wait to see him on the big screen when "M:I-4" hits theaters on December 16, 2011, and we're glad he's found some success in his "Lost" afterlife.

Speaking of which, now that it's been four months since "Lost"'s audience-dividing tearjerker of a finale, what's the rest of the "Lost" cast up to? Hit the jump to find out! Read More...

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LostEpisode Title: "The Last Recruit"

Written By: Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland

Story: Hurley (Jorge Garcia) has led Jack (Matthew Fox) and friends directly into the lion's den — better known as Smocke's (Terry O'Quinn) camp. The artist occasionally known as The Smoke Monster does his best to woo Jack over to the dark side with surprisingly honest revelations, but his hand is forced when Charles Widmore (Alan Dale) fires the first shots of war.

In the wake of an explosive incident, Smocke sets Sayid (Naveen Andrews) after Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) while Sawyer (Josh Holloway) hatches a plan of his own to get Kate (Evangline Lily) and the others off of the Island for good. Meanwhile, the players of the Sideways Universe continue to come together, with Jack's hospital seeming to serve as a central location. Read More...

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SunEpisode Title: "The Package"

Written By: Paul Zbyszewski & Graham Roland

Story: Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim) haven't seen each other in over three years. Jin is in league with Smocke (Terry O'Quinn) against his will, while Sun is at the beach camp with Jack (Matthew Fox) and his allies. All that these two want is to leave the Island together, a task that would seem easier said than done — but both Smocke and Jack state that a reunion isn't out of the question.

In the Sideways Universe, Jin and Sun are in Los Angeles so that Jin can sell a watch for Mr. Paik. As we know from "Sundown," that sale doesn't go as planned, as Jin is abducted by Martin Keamy (Kevin Durand). Sun, forced to procure funds by Keamy and his thugs, is escorted to a nearby bank by a certain Russian from the show's past. Read More...

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