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Ricky Gervais and Will ArnettDunder Mifflin's Scranton branch is about to lose its fearless leader, and the men who would replace Michael Scott are lining up in droves.

Steve Carell's departure from "The Office" is just a few weeks away, and while we wait to see if he's replaced by a pre-existing colleague or a newcomer, we can at least add a couple of new names to the speculation pile: according to Entertainment Weekly, original "Office" star Ricky Gervais and "Arrested Development" favorite Will Arnett are coming to Scranton.

Gervais and Arnett are slated to appear in the one-hour season finale this May, arriving a few weeks after Carell makes his exit. There's no word on whether or not Gervais and Arnett might cross over with the previously announced Will Ferrell, but a blogger can certainly dream.


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There's nothing Will Arnett or Jason Bateman could do that we here at MTV Movies Blog wouldn't be interested in, even if it's just commercials.

And that's exactly what their venture Dumb Dumb is doing: reshaping our ideas of commercials with the help of College Humor. Dumb Dumb launched in July 2010 with the short film "Prom Date" in promotion of Orbit, and now the duo is at it again with "Always Open!," a new talk show nestled in the comforting confines of your local Denny's.

Surely there hasn't been a better venue for an online video show since Zach Galifianakis set up shop between two ferns, and host David Koechner is making use of the way America's favorite breakfast joint brings out the best in people for Dumb Dumb's newest show. The first episode premiered yesterday with Bateman as its guest.


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Ever since the show was unceremoniously canceled, rumors have circulated that "Arrested Development" would be resurrected via a big-screen adaptation. GQ Magazine spoke to Will Arnett and creator Mitch Hurwitz about their upcoming new series "Running Wilde," and they both went on the record with the official confirmation that you've all been waiting for: the "Arrested Development" movie is a "go."

"Yes, it's happening," Arnett told the magazine, adding that there is an unfinished script and that all the principle cast members have signed on. Many of the series stars have said as much at one point or another. The strongest confirmation came from series creator Hurwitz himself. Read More...

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Well it turns out that Jason Bateman wasn't wrong when he said we have Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz to blame for the "Arrested Development" movie delay. The eagerly anticipated, long overdue flick has been pushed back a little more thanks to the latest Hurwitz sitcom, "Running Wilde," which stars Arnett. Don't be sad though. Gob Bluth revealed that the "Arrested" movie is coming sooner than anyone might think.

"We open next Friday," he joked to MTV News at the Fox Upfronts, where he was doing press for "Wilde," along with co-star Keri Russell. "4200 theaters, so we're excited about it." Read More...

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Back in December, "Youth in Revolt" star Michael Cera told us that the long-awaited "Arrested Development" movie would hopefully shoot sometime this year. If you're a fan of the unjustly canceled TV series, then you probably scoffed at the news as yet another empty promise from one of the show's former cast members before getting back to your "Don't Cancel 'Better Off Ted'" Internet petition.

Now we've got another former Bluth promising that cameras will roll before the book closes on 2010. From no less a personage than Will Arnett, who plays schemiGeorge Oscar "Gob" Bluth II, the clan's scheming eldest sibling. Speaking to at the "When in Rome" junket, the gravelly-voiced comic actor said in all seriousness that "the plan" is to start shooting before the end of the year. Read More...

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I mentioned in last week's posting of the "Training Day" send-up from Cinemash that it would be pretty hard to top this week's offering, which features Will Arnett and Adult Swim's Xavier: Renegade Angel taking on "Carrie." I need to retract that statement. This week's "Carrie" can't be topped. Fine, I'm an "Arrested Development" fanboy. I'm morally obligated to speak in shining terms of anyone who was involved with that series. So don't take my word for it. Listen to Cinemash creator Kashy Khaledi instead!

"Whenever Will Arnett smiles, like on 'Arrested Development' or he starts giggling, I just think it's... amazingly funny. In the movie 'Carrie,' when Carrie's onstage and she's smiling and giggling because she won the prom queen, before she gets the blood spilled on her... really, there's nothing more to it," Khaledi said in an interview with MTV contributor Jenni Miller. "Here is what I would like to see." So go click, see for yourself.

<br/><a href=";vid=d21ba3c1-82fa-4952-b300-e5731409acf3" target="_new" title="Will Arnett and Xavier Cinemash &quot;Carrie&quot;">Video: Will Arnett and Xavier Cinemash &quot;Carrie&quot;</a>

Keep it locked here to MTV Movies Blog for additional coverage of MTV's interview with Khaledi, including what his thoughts are for the next "season" and how the "Twilight" crew might factor into future outings. Remember too, starting in September you'll be able to watch these Cinemash shorts on your HDTV, via a Zune-compatible HDMI cable. A great option for sharing the hilarity with your tech-illiterate friends and family.

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Will ArnettWow is this a busy week. After the runaway success of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" last week -- and other shoe-in blockbusters in the weeks before it -- it's nice to see a little bit of variety for Friday's releases. "G-Force," with showings in two and three dimensions both, is an easy weekend win for families, provided they're not making a repeat (or first-time) trip to Hogwarts.

The CG animated adventure about a secret agent force of talking guinea pigs is a big-ticket item for a number of reasons. It is Disney's first (non-concert) live-action release shot in Digital 3-D. It is also produced by blockbuster-meister Jerry Bruckheimer in his 3-D debut. Then there's the knockout ensemble cast, which includes Nicolas Cage, Penélope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, Tracy Morgan, Will Arnett, Bill Nighy and Zach Galifianakis. Yeah, wow. Read More...

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Sean PennAs we've already reported, Sean Penn and Hollywood are breaking up. Or at least going through a trial separation. One of the consequences of this newly announced hiatus is Penn's departure from the Farrelly Brothers' "The Three Stooges," a film that's now in jeopardy thanks to the actor's sudden exit.

With the role of Larry now open, it'll be up to a last-minute replacement to save the film. So who in the movie business could possibly jump in at the eleventh hour to knock noses and poke eyeballs with Jim Carrey and Benicio Del Toro? It remains to be seen -- but I've certainly got my picks. Read More...

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There's no question that one of the leading contenders for Best Fight at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards is host Andy Samberg. The high point of his star-making turn in "Slaughter Shack" is unquestionably the climactic bar brawl with funnyman Will Arnett, seen in the clip below. That is some real, digitally unmodified action right there. A shoe-in for the gold statue. Consider it called.

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'Arrested Development'If you’re like any of us at MTV News, you’re probably wondering what keeps holding up the big screen adaptation of “Arrested Development” from moving forward. Well, now we have our answer: the new Fox show, “Sit Down, Shut Up.”

Mitch Hurwitz’s animated comedy debuted earlier this month, and between writing and producing that series, and developing other television projects, the “Arrested” creator hasn’t had a chance to start writing a script for his Emmy-winning Fox show that was canceled in 2006, says “Arrested” producer/narrator Ron Howard.

“Still waiting on a script,” Howard told MTV News this week. “Mitch’s television company was very successful—good for Mitch—and slowed things up a little bit for ‘Arrested Development’ fans.” Read More...

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