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Worst Movies of 2010

Every year has its share of great movies (check out our top 10 films of the year here and vote for your fave here) and not-so-great movies... and 2010 was no exception. There were the sure-fire winners that totally failed with critics, like "The Tourist" and the reboot of "A Nightmare on Elm Street," and there were the films that never had a chance, like "Case 39" and "Furry Vengeance"... as well as, apparently, anything with Katherine Heigl and/or Josh Duhamel.

It's kind of mean to kick these flicks while they're down, so we decided to go to an outside source for some hard data. In other words, we checked out RottenTomatoes to see which flicks were the 25 lowest rated of 2010. Then we made a convenient little poll out of the 25 films to see which one you decide is the worst. Hit the jump to vote in the poll, and let us know in the comments or on Twitter which films you thought were the bottom of the barrel in 2010 (and feel free to yell at me if you disagree)!


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DESC1. "Dear John" ($13.8 million)
2. "Avatar" ($6.1 million)
3. "From Paris With Love" ($3 million)
4. "Edge of Darkness" ($2.3 million)
5. "When in Rome" ($2 million)

After seven straight weekend victories, is it possible that "Avatar" is finally about to fall to a romantic comedy? That's certainly how the weekend is shaping after "Dear John," Sony-Screen Gems' adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' romance novel starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried, took first place on Friday night with $13.8 million. Read More...

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DESC1. "Avatar" ($30 million)
2. "Edge of Darkness" ($17.1 million)
3. "When in Rome" ($12.1 million)
4. "Tooth Fairy" ($10 million)
5. "The Book of Eli" ($8.8 million)

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, "Avatar" once again topped the box office charts this past weekend for its seventh straight weekend victory. Following the $30 million haul, James Cameron's latest film sits atop a domestic money pile worth $594.5 million and is well within days of eclipsing "Titanic's" current record of $600.8 million. Read More...

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DESC1. "Avatar" ($7.5 million)
2. "Edge of Darkness" ($5.7 million)
3. "When in Rome" ($4.4 million)
4. "The Book of Eli" ($2.5 million)
5. "Tooth Fairy" ($2.3 million)

After seven straight weeks in theaters, you didn't really think that "Avatar" would fall from the top of the charts, did you? James Cameron's science fiction epic continued to barrel ahead of the competition on Friday with a $7.5 million intake, bringing the record-smashing film's cumulative domestic tally up to $572 million. Read More...

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Is this the week that "Avatar" falls? I'm guessing no, but stranger things have happened. For six straight weeks, James Cameron's sci-fi marvel has captivated viewers with its entertaining story and impressive underlying 3-D tech. The movie is all but guaranteed to crush the all-time box office records held by "Titanic," Cameron's last feature, since 1997. Even if another #1 weekend isn't in the cards, those records are pretty much toast.

The closest competition "Avatar" has is "Edge of Darkness," which threatens to draw some of the Cameron crowd away purely for being the only new, R-rated release this week with fanperson-friendly subject matter. Mel Gibson stars as a homicide detective who uncovers evidence of corporate and government corruption in the course of a murder investigation. Read More...

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