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Paris Hilton in 'The Hottie and the Nottie'Is it just me, or was 2008 one of the worst years for movies ever?

Well folks, the time has finally come to vent. It’s one of my favorite days of the year, as my Razzie ballot just arrived in the mail. As a registered voter, I take my obligation very seriously, and it’s always interesting to see what the annual awards for bad filmmaking have nominated for the worst of the worst.

Here’s your chance to help me vote! Below are the newly-released nominations for the 29th Annual Razzie awards. Please post your picks in each category in the comments section below, and whichever clunkers get the most votes will make my ballot: Read More...

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When the Golden Globe nominations were revealed last week, nothing provoked a bigger reaction than the announcement that Tom Cruise had garnered a nod for his role as Les Grossman in "Tropic Thunder." I had the chance to sit down with Cruise over the weekend (check out our full interview where discussed everything from "Valkyrie" to "The Hills") and of course I had to ask him what the future holds for the character.

He confirmed that "Ben [Stiller] and I are always talking about what we can do with Les." He then wondered aloud, "Do we do some viral video with Les?" Check it out below.

Where do you want to see Les end up? In a viral video or a movie all his own?

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Was there anything more surreal than catching Tom Cruise on "The Hills" after-show last week? If you haven't caught it by now, do yourself a favor. I guess all is fair in love and war (and promoting a movie).

Tom's been making the rounds on behalf of "Valkyrie" (good news, the movie is actually really good!) and when I caught up with him over the weekend I just had to ask him what was up with "The Hills" appearance. His laughter and pleading say it all. Tom Cruise knows NOTHING about "The Hills." When you're done with that, click here to watch the entire chat.

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Without a doubt one of the big mysteries of the holiday movie season is whether Bryan Singer and Tom Cruise will be able to deliver a compelling thriller in "Valkyrie" despite all the baggage that the film has accumulated with all its mini-controversies. I got a chance to talk to Singer at length the other day about his just completed film and he expressed a lot of confidence in the final version of the film. You can check out the full Bryan Singer interview right here. And to whet your appetite for "Valkyrie" (opening December 26th), check out this exclusive photo below.

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'Ghostbusters'- When someone asks you if you are a god -- you say you're Bill Murray. Comic legend says he's eager to put on the proton pack again for "Ghostbusters 3." (AICN)

- Is George Clooney eyeing role as The Lone Ranger opposite Johnny Depp's Tonto? (AICN)

- "Lethal Weapon 5" still in the works, waiting on approval from Mel Gibson. (EW)

- Tom Cruise's "Valkyrie" gets a new trailer. Plot to kill Hitler never looked better. (Yahoo!)

- George Romero to direct island zombie movie -- like "Jurassic Park" but with the undead. (Schlock Around the Clock)

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- A big hand for Shia LaBeouf, who reportedly returned to work today on “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” (Film School Rejects)

- Edgar Ramirez hops on board the Joe Carnahan express, will portray Pablo Escobar in director’s film about the infamous drug lord. (CHUD)

- Jeffrey Katzenberg plans for a third “Madagascar,” a second “Kung-Fu Panda,” my head exploding. (Coming Soon)

- The flight of the “Valkyrie” continues. Tom Cruise Nazi movie will now open the day after Christmas. (Hollywood Elsewhere)

- Toronto International Film Festival announces its special presentation lineup. (/film)

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Kenneth Branagh in 'Valkyrie'Here at the MTV Movie's Blog we've had a lot of fun in recent months with silly "What Ifs:" What if Brian De Palma directed "Spider Man"? What if David Cronenberg directed "Return of the Jedi"?

But talking about his new film "Valkyrie," Kenneth Branagh has a what if for us that's anything but silly: What if Hitler had been assassinated before the end of WWII?

"One feels the weight of that [question]," Branagh sighed. "The near misses, a last minute replacement of a bomb behind a wooden oak table leg that meant the course of the 20th century changed. Everything would have changed."

It's a question that Branagh admitted to spending a lot of time thinking about ever since he joined Tom Cruise on the Bryan Singer film, which follows Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg and a tight band of resistance fighters as they attempt to kill Hitler, an assassination attempt known to history as the July 20 Plot. Read More...

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William Shatner as Captain KirkOur links of the day strike back, with Hump Day news on "Star Trek," "The Spirit," "Valkyrie," and more.

- Are you ultra plain looking? Do you have an extremely large head? Long neck? Wide-set eyes? You're not getting a date looking like that, but you just might get to go boldly where no man has gone before as casting call for "Star Trek" movie looking for a few good extras. (ComingSoon)

- The Spirit is ready. Are you willing? Frank Miller flick updates its site, with a video intro from the man himself. (The Spirit)

- Attention aspiring filmmakers: Moby offering his music for free for use in your movies. (Variety)

- Be still his beating heart: Josh Lucas to headline "Tell-Tale," an updated version of the classic Edgar Allen Poe short story. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Featurette from Tom Cruise's newest, the WWII thriller "Valkyrie." (Apple)

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Angelina Jolie in 'Beowulf'Like a bad penny, our links of the day always show up – back today with news on "Beowulf," "The Love Guru," Sacha Baron Cohen, and Tom Cruise.

- Uncensored "Beowulf" trailer hits web, lots of violence and Angelina sexiness ensue. (Official Site)

- Fascists everywhere rejoice! Vadim Pereleman to direct Angelina Jolie in "Atlas Shrugged." (Variety)

- "Tron" director takes on "Soul Code," a female-friendly sci-fi flick. (Variety)

- Sacha Baron Cohen is a "Schmuck." (Variety)

- Springtime for Tom Cruise. The cast of "Valkyrie" poses for the camera. (Daily Mail)

- Ashley Judd to headline drama "Helen." (Variety)

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San Diego Comic-ConAnother wacky day in Hollywood as San Diego loses a studio, Tom goose-steps, Ray Liotta becomes a father and more.

- Fox pulls out of Comic-Con; conflicting reasons abound. (CHUD)

- The entire world anxiously awaits "Indy 4," and if you don't believe that, Lucasfilm has a new video to prove it. (

- The lawsuits start flying over "Terminator 4." (Deadline Hollywood Daily)

- Feast your eyes on Tom Cruise as a Nazi. First pics from Bryan Singer's WWII film "Valkyrie" online. (Rope of Silicon)

- Rud Lurie helms poli-drama based on Plame CIA scandal; Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Vera Farmiga and Edie Falco in talks to star. (Variety)

- Ray Liotta to star as Jessica Biel's dad in drama "Powder Blue." (Variety)

- Emmy noms were announced. (EW)

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