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In this week's Video Score, a landmark of French filmmaking in the 1990s hits Blu-ray in spectacular Criterion fashion. Plus, movies from this year are already coming out on video! We review the discs for "The Vow" and "Underworld: Awakening." We're breaking down the week's major Blu-ray and DVD releases all for you below!

Pick of the Week

La Haine

"La Haine" (1995)
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde, Saïd Taghmaoui

While to most outsiders Paris seems the very picture of beauty and civility, France has had a long and unfortunate history of intolerance toward outsiders, and this powerful drama from filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz takes an unblinking look at a racially diverse group of young people trapped in the Parisian economic and social underclass.


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"Underworld: Awakening" marked the return of Kate Beckinsale to her lead role as Selena, the vampiric Death Dealer from the hit action-horror series.

The fourth film in the series hits Blu-ray and DVD today, so in honor of the release, we have an exclusive look at a featurette from the disk.

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By Ryan Rigley

With the release of "Haywire" and "Underworld: Awakening" this weekend, the box office is in for a heaping helping of badass women. Both Gina Carano and Kate Beckinsale play the role of strong, female protagonist that make the men around them look like little boys. If they get stabbed or shot at, they barely even flinch. Punch them, and they'll punch you right back. These women are tough as nails, but you shouldn't think of them as woman. That would be a mistake.

Here's a list of some of the biggest and best badass female characters to ever grace the silver screen with their presence.


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"Underworld: Awakening" is not your older sibling's "Underworld" movie. Times have changed a lot in the years that have passed since "Underworld: Evolution," and now leading lady Selene (Kate Beckinsale) -- and the audience -- will have to catch up with the times.

The first big change: humans now hunt the vampires and lycans, instead of vice versa. Also, according to a voice over in the new trailer for the movie, there's been an epidemic (likely humans being transformed into vamps and werewolves) that has swept the nation. Scientists have found "the one" that will lead to a cure from said infestation.

Except, maybe not. As Selene warns in the trailer: "Everything they've told you is a lie."


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"Real Steel" is likely to be the coolest robot boxing movie that's been released (since, well, name another robot boxing movie), and the newest featurette for the film wants to tell you all about why it's going to be a fun adventure to watch.

Arguably the biggest draw for audiences is the boxing in the flick, and the new featurette shows off how the filmmakers used motion-capture technology to make their fighting robots seem believable. The folks behind "Real Steel" hired real-life boxers, choreographed by Sugar Ray Leonard, to stand in for the robots, which means the action fans see on the big screen is going to be legit. Of course, there's the human element of the movie to look forward to as well, but I have a feeling Hugh Jackman might be a bit upstaged by his electronic counterpart in "Real Steel."

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The world has changed since Kate Beckinsale last starred in an "Underworld" flick, and now it's time for her to catch up with "Underworld: Awakening."

It may have only been five years since "Underworld: Evolution" hit theaters, but on the big screen 12 years have passed. The newly released trailer for "Underworld: Awakening" says that Selene has been held captive for more than a decade, though she has now escaped to wreak havoc on the world. The problem is that, in this world, humans hunt vampires and lycans, making this a "new war" as she says.

But something else has been released as well, adding an extra layer to the plot. And, as Selene asks, where is her former flame Michael?


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Emma WatsonLooks like Emma Watson is taking her "Beauty" to the big screen with Guillermo Del Toro.

Coming Soon reports that the "Potter" star and "Pacific Rim" director are uniting for a new big screen spin on "Beauty and the Beast," with Watson playing the titular beauty. Discussions are still in their early stages, but we're psyched to see what these two powerhouses create together.

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