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Ty Burrell

Ty Burrell is replacing the rumored Christoph Waltz as one of the human stars of the currently untitled "The Muppets" sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that a scheduling conflict prevented Waltz from taking a role in the film. Instead, Burrell will play the Interpol inspector character who is said to be one of the key human roles in the planned sequel. Another reported notable character is "a Russian femme fatale."


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Blooper sure are wacky, aren't they? The gag reel at the end of movie can even get more laughs than the film itself. That's definitely the case when it comes to the bloopers for celebrity interviews. The only problem is that you rarely get to see what's left on the cutting room floor.

That's why the newest episode of After Hours is such a treat.

Watch in uncensored delight as the cast of "Butter," featuring Jennifer Garner, Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Greene, and Rob Corddry, keep it real with MTV News' Josh Horowitz, and just maybe you'll learn that celebrities are people too, people who are afraid of gamma beams infiltrating our minds.

"Butter" opens in theaters on Friday, October 5 and is available now On Demand.

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We can say without hesitation that "Butter," the comedy starring Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, and Ty Burrell, is the biggest movie event of the year when it comes to films about carving spreadable dairy products.

That is exactly why we're proud to bring you an exclusive clip from "Butter" that sets up the heated competition to win a small town's butter carving competition.


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MTV's After Hours has made a name for itself creating the highest quality late night entertainment around. But now, with the help of Ice T, the series could be making its big break into prime time programming.

Enter "Snowy River," which absolutely was definitely not shot on location at the Sundance Film Festival or anything like that (hint: okay maybe it was). Snowy River is a mysterious town with many terrifying murderers on the loose (you could get killed for playing peek-a-boo) and even more interesting inhabitants (just wait until you see the Inarticulate Twins). As the trailer teases, it will be a lot better than "NCIS"... we hope.


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