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One of the dreamquels that we never get sick of asking about is James Cameron's long rumored follow-up to "True Lies," and fortunately leading lady Eliza Dushku is always game to play ball when it comes to the subject.

MTV News caught up with the "Batman: Year One" star at San Diego Comic-Con during our livestream of the event, and fielded her a Twitter question saying a fan would love to see her "kick some butt" in "True Lies 2." Her response? "I think so too!" But there has been a bit of a hold-up from another one of the movie's stars.

"I think there's been a little a little snafu with the star. With the Schwarzenegger. It might be a minute," she said with a laugh.


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It's been a busy few days for the MTV News crew covering 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, but fortunately we've been hard at work bringing scoops from the biggest and most buzzworthy stars on the hottest to a computer screen near you. See some of the highlights below!

Eliza Dushku Talks "True Lies 2"
Eliza Dushku took some time out of promoting "Batman: Year One" to stop by the MTV livestream and chat about her upcoming film projects. Unsurprisingly, a "True Lies" sequel question was thrown her way by a Twitter follower. Her response? It might be a little while.

"I think there's been a little a little snafoo with the star. With the Schwarzenegger. I think it's going to be a minute," she said with a laugh. "For a while I was never even talking about it. And all of the sudden I started getting calls from the Governor's office in California saying, 'You aren't allowed to talk about 'True Lies.'"


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Joseph Gordon-LevittIt's official: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Alberto Falcone in "The Dark Knight Rises." Or is he?

The "Inception" star was rumored to have a role in Christopher Nolan's latest flick last month, and now comes word that Levitt will be playing the son of gangster Carmine Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson in "Batman Begins." But Entertainment Weekly hears differently, saying that JGL is not playing Falcone, but an as-yet unannounced character. And the rumor mill keeps spinning...

After the jump find out which "Harry Potter" star has now joined Twitter, who will be starring in Oliver Stone's latest and what film will potentially be Arnold Schwarzenegger's next movie.


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Eliza DushkuA potential sequel to "True Lies" is one of those James Cameron projects that might not always be in the forefront of everyone's mind nowadays -- what with the "Avatar" sequel, recent "Terminator" reboot, "Titanic" 3-D transformation, and that rumored 3-D "Cleopatra" movie with Angelina Jolie -- but interest in the project never seems to fade. In fact, fans have been clamoring for a sequel to the 1994 original, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a boring dad/badass spy, Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife and a very youngEliza Dushku as their daughter.

Last year Cameron pretty definitively said there wouldn't be a "True Lies 2," but only last month it was announced that a Cameron-produced "True Lies" television series was being developed.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to chat with Dushku about the recently released "Dollhouse" season two DVD and Blu-Ray, and she set the record straight about "True Lies 2." Read More...

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James CameronYesterday, director James Cameron got in touch with Ain't It Cool News to set the record straight on rumors that "True Lies 2" will be his next project after "Avatar," complete with the triumphant return to acting for one Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is currently serving as the governor of California. The rumors came out of some comments made by "True Lies" co-star Tom Arnold to The New York Times.

If this sounds familiar, that's because I reported it over the weekend. Actually, that's not true. I never inferred that "True Lies 2" might be happening, because Arnold specifically told the Times that "it's not going to be called 'True Lies 2, but it might as well be.'" A lot of people did though. And now sites everywhere are reporting that "True Lies 2" is, in fact, not happening (see headline above). Read More...

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