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One of the dreamquels that we never get sick of asking about is James Cameron's long rumored follow-up to "True Lies," and fortunately leading lady Eliza Dushku is always game to play ball when it comes to the subject.

MTV News caught up with the "Batman: Year One" star at San Diego Comic-Con during our livestream of the event, and fielded her a Twitter question saying a fan would love to see her "kick some butt" in "True Lies 2." Her response? "I think so too!" But there has been a bit of a hold-up from another one of the movie's stars.

"I think there's been a little a little snafu with the star. With the Schwarzenegger. It might be a minute," she said with a laugh.


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OprahToday's a day for saying goodbye in the mysterious land of Twitter-Wood. (Not for us, mind you — we're not going anywhere!) The Oprah Winfrey Show comes to an end today after 25 seasons on the air, and while many people across the globe are mourning the show's conclusion, many stars and celebs are marking the occasion with their tongue firmly in cheek.

Meanwhile, longtime "Law & Order: SVU" actor Christopher Meloni is reportedly exiting the show, leaving his fans (and some of his colleagues) in shock. But the saddest and most surprising news of all is the death of CNBC news anchor Mark Haines, who passed away unexpectedly at his home yesterday evening; his loss is marked in today's Twitter-Wood as well.

But there's happier news today, too. Two more people have discovered the awesome power of "Bridesmaids," while the long-awaited "American Reunion" finally enters production, with Stifler's mom firmly in tow.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 25, 2011.


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Ashton KutcherIt's official: Ashton Kutcher is replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men." The "That '70s Show" actor teased his involvement late last night on Twitter, which prompted a flurry of cheers and jeers from several of his Hollywood peers. Winning? We'll see.

Speaking of winning, "Bridesmaids" hits theaters this weekend, and people are rightfully excited to see the Kristen Wiig-starring comedy. Reviews have been glowing and praise from celebs in the Twitter-Wood community continues to flow.

I'm @roundhoward and this is Twitter-Wood for May 13, 2011.


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Fast FiveAfter months of promotion (it felt like years), "The Voice" finally premiered last night to huge numbers. During the show, the twitter-verse exploded, and tweet-shrapnel came from every which way, including Hollywood.

Meanwhile, the opening of "Thor" mightily approaches, and actress/singer Miley Cyrus wants in. While she's not billed for the film, Miley posted her own addition to the superhero epic. We have a feeling it's not going to make the final cut, but hey, here's hoping. All this and "Fast Five" is already receiving rave reviews -- and one outlet just doesn't get it.

I'm @TravisHelwig and this is Twitter-Wood for April 27th, 2011.


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Joseph Gordon-LevittIt's official: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Alberto Falcone in "The Dark Knight Rises." Or is he?

The "Inception" star was rumored to have a role in Christopher Nolan's latest flick last month, and now comes word that Levitt will be playing the son of gangster Carmine Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson in "Batman Begins." But Entertainment Weekly hears differently, saying that JGL is not playing Falcone, but an as-yet unannounced character. And the rumor mill keeps spinning...

After the jump find out which "Harry Potter" star has now joined Twitter, who will be starring in Oliver Stone's latest and what film will potentially be Arnold Schwarzenegger's next movie.


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It's not our usual territory here on Movies Blog, but sometimes it's nice to celebrate the little guys, right?

Most Hollywood insiders will argue that if an event is not happening in either L.A. or New York, it doesn’t exist. Not so, if you ask Canadian-born entertainer/crooner Brian Evans, creator of the suddenly star-studded and much buzzed about Maui Celebrity Series (this weekend's shows brought to you by Tom Arnold and Mos Def!). Evans is proof positive that not everything must occur on one of the two coasts to draw A-list talent and/or sold-out crowds, and therefore worthy of a larger audience.

What started with a desire for better nighttime entertainment and William Shatner, is now a platform for the likes of Tom Arnold, David Spade, Tom Green, Mos Def and more. A couple years back, Evans -- who has opened for Jay Leno in Las Vegas and Joan Rivers -- left Hollywood for the island of Maui, only to discover there wasn't a lot going on in the nightlife scene. Read More...

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Justin ChonIf you found a "Twilight" actor stranded on the side of the road with his car, would you give him a few bucks to help him out? Well, check out the video Justin Chon posted yesterday and find out if you would have shown him any more kindness than the strangers he ran into at a gas station.

Elsewhere in Twitter-Wood, as with pretty much any other place you could have looked for information yesterday and today, LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland for the Miami Heat provoked a wide range of responses. Tom Arnold has his back, but Patton Oswalt seems a little more suspicious. Check out their responses below along with who's excited about working with Jane Lynch.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and it's on the record in Twitter-Wood for July 9, 2010. Read More...

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Gary Coleman's death stirred up posts throughout Twitter-Wood this afternoon, both with positive remembrances and commentary on the lifelong issues that childhood actors can face. Ashton Kutcher, Shannon Elizabeth, Tom Arnold and Eliza Dushku counted themselves among Coleman's fans, and many others acknowledged their appreciation for his work as Arnold on "Diff'rent Strokes."

John Stamos touched on the more serious issues in Coleman's in life in his Twitter note, and Ken Jeong and Jon Hurwitz both left simpler notes. Click on past the jump and you can find out who else posted about Coleman. Feel free to leave your own responses and memories in the comment section.


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Jason Reitman wasn't bluffing yesterday when he said he would be carrying the Olympic Torch through Toronto, and he's got a picture up to prove it today. Selecting the Twitter Pic of the Day wasn't easy this afternoon, considering Reitman's post was accompanied by Eliza Dushku's shot of the "Dollhouse" wrap party, a view of "New Moon" actress Christian Serratos' latest photo shoot and a 2003 photo from Roger Ebert that appears to show Bob Dylan with blond hair.

Click on down, and you'll find all of those posts, as well as a few reactions to James Cameron's "Avatar," what Liv Tyler did inside Rainn Wilson's car and the celebratory gift Eli Roth plans on sending his fellow "Inglourious Basterds" actors in honor of their SAG Award nomination. It's all retweeted in the Twitter-Wood report for December 17, 2009. Read More...

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James CameronYesterday, director James Cameron got in touch with Ain't It Cool News to set the record straight on rumors that "True Lies 2" will be his next project after "Avatar," complete with the triumphant return to acting for one Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is currently serving as the governor of California. The rumors came out of some comments made by "True Lies" co-star Tom Arnold to The New York Times.

If this sounds familiar, that's because I reported it over the weekend. Actually, that's not true. I never inferred that "True Lies 2" might be happening, because Arnold specifically told the Times that "it's not going to be called 'True Lies 2, but it might as well be.'" A lot of people did though. And now sites everywhere are reporting that "True Lies 2" is, in fact, not happening (see headline above). Read More...

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