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Did you hear the one about the internationally known comic who watches "The Hills"? There's no punch line to that, by the way. "That's the joke," Seth Rogen laughed, "the fact that I watch the f--king 'Hills.' "

It's actually not just one joke, but a bunch of jokes. And if you're lucky enough to be at the right L.A.-area comedy club this summer, you might hear 'em all, Rogen said. In preparation for the new Judd Apatow movie about the world of stand-up comedy, he'll be trying out a bunch of new material. His best stuff? Well, Spencer, Heidi and a rabbi walk into a bar ...

"I haven't done [stand-up] in almost eight or nine years," he confessed. "I've been writing some jokes. They're varying degrees of hilarious, [and the best stuff] is some 'Hills' jokes. I'm just writing on premises — I haven't really flushed it out yet.

"I watched the sh-t out of 'The Hills.' I don't know what else to say," he continued. "I watch the living crap out of it." Read More...

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Red Fraggle- Dance your cares away (clap, clap). Worries for another day. Weinstein Co. to make "Fraggle Rock" with "Hoodwinked" writer Cory Edwards. (Variety)

- "The Spirit" is willing...A look at Sam Jackson's The Octopus comes courtesy of Comic-Con Magazine. (Comic-Con)

- Speaking of the man behind "The Spirit," Frank Miller NOT directing Buck Rogers. In other news, I still have no idea what a Buck Rogers is. (Haha. Everyone else is old!) (io9)

- Superhero fashion finally gets its own the Met no less. Stay tuned for our own special report on the festivities. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

- Is Guy Ritchie directing "Sgt. Rock"? Joel Silver thinks so. (AICN)

- "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge lands role in "Into the Blue 2," the sequel to the Jessica Alba/Paul Walker bomb. Wait, what? (Hollywood Reporter)

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Heidi MontagJust two weeks ago, Lauren Conrad put a jump in our step when she announced to MTV News that she and the rest of the cast had had “discussions” about a big-screen version of “The Hills.”

Alas, the second my colleague Josh Horowitz called it the best “idea in the history of the universe,” I should have known it was too good to be true.

Cat fight!

“I've never discussed a movie possibility for 'The Hills'…and I'm not sure if for my first movie I'd let Lauren Conrad narrate me, so I don't think that would be something I would do," Heidi Montag told us over the weekend. "If I was doing movies, I'd want it to be with Denzel Washington or something like that. If they were to make a 'Hills' movie, I wouldn't be in it. No, thank you.” Read More...

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Next to a big screen version of "King of Queens" (Leah Remini just got very excited somewhere), is there a better idea in the history of the universe than turning "The Hills" into a movie? Probably, but I can't think of one at the moment.

Well, none other than Lauren Conrad told me the other day that it may happen (check out my full report from my interviews with all the ladies of "The Hills" here). "We have kind of talked about it," she said with a big smile that seemed to say, "we have ABSOLUTELY talked about it."

So that begs the question, what the hell would a movie of "The Hills" be? Read More...

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