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Will Smith


Most movies go through rounds of casting where actors commit and then have to step away or deals never materialize, even Academy Award-nominated films.

This year's contenders especially seemed to go through several different versions of their cast before finding the group of actors that would eventually lead them to Oscar night.

But what about those unseen versions? How would Liam Neeson have done as Abraham Lincoln? Would Will Smith make a better Django? We'll never know, but the folks over at Next Movie have put together posters for several hypothetical casts.

Check out a few after the jump and more over at Next Movie!


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By Hannah Soo Park

When it's nearly impossible to bring up one without mentioning the other, you know it's meant to be. Such is the case with iconic actor-director partnerships, which, if all goes well, can result in many years'—and even decades'—worth of memorable films.

Not only did this year keep a few iconic partnerships alive, but it also made way for brand-new collaborations, set to continue with rumored or announced upcoming projects.

Here, we narrow down our seven favorite duos of 2012 and break each one down by their collaboration history and current status.


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How well do you know your co-workers? Do you know what color their eyes are, or what kind of dress they wore to the Academy Awards?

That last one might not be relevant to you, but when MTV News' Josh Horowitz put the "Silver Linings Playbook" co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper to the test at the Toronto International Film Festival, it was very, very important.

Watch the latest episode of After Hours to see if Lawrence and Cooper pass the test to see if they really, truly, honestly know one another.

Does Lawrence remember which movie was Cooper's first? Does Cooper even know the full name of Lawrence's "Hunger Games" character. Find out in the newest episode of After Hours!

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This week at theaters, vampires, Russians, and the depressed.

Check out all of this week's pairing on Double Feature Friday!

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" & "Lincoln"
Here me out on this one. The order in which you watch these two is essential. You have to go see "Lincoln" first. In the historical drama from Steven Spielberg, Lee Pace plays Representative Fernando Wood, a dastardly opponent to Lincoln's proposed 13th amendment to free the slaves. You grow to hate him passionately over the course of two and a half hours, so much so that's it's conceivable that Rep. Wood isn't a man at all. He's so wicked, he could be a vampire. *Mind blown sounds* Then proceed to watch "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" as if Pace's character Garrett is actual Rep. Wood, much later in his immortal life. Enjoy.


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Silver Linings


In today's review from the Toronto International Film Festival, you can read all about the role that Jennifer Lawrence is already getting Oscar buzz for and see what kind of investigative journalist Shia LaBeouf is.

"The Company You Keep"
Grade: C

The major problem of "The Company You Keep" is the moral fiber of the piece. Making a film about an issue as dicey as the Weather Underground is, on the face of it, courageous, but "The Company You Keep" routinely avoids all judgments. Was the Weather Underground a necessary political instrument that actually saved lives by acting out in a violent manner? Or were they the same as terrorists the whole world round, their original intent severely corrupted by their deeds? Instead of getting into that, the film is much more comfortable throwing its hands in the air and saying, "Quick, look over there!" -Laremy Legel


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Boardwalk Empire

We're a little less than three weeks away from the season premiere of "Boardwalk Empire," and the latest trailer has Knucky going full-gangster.

Also, "Looper" goes retro and so does Leonardo DiCaprio in today's Dailies!


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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of her game right now. She's the leading lady in second highest grossing movie of the year, is still hot off her 2011 Oscar nomination and is proving with every new film that she can't be pigeon-holed into one specific type of role.

A trailer for her upcoming project, David O Russell's "The Silver Linings Handbook," has just hit the web and it shows us yet another new facet of the 21-year-old actress. In the adaption of Matthew Quick's book, she plays a damaged young woman who befriends a newly released mental patient (Bradley Cooper). The two of them lean on one another to find the "silver linings" in their respective situations.


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Brad Pitt

When news broke that Brad Pitt had told "60 Minutes Australia" he would like to retire in three years, most people justifiably took it as the actor speaking in the hypothetical, with no serious threat of him leaving business behind. Pitt is only the most recent of many actors and directors who have come out to declare their plans for retirement, few of which—if any—have actually followed through.

But let's assume for a second that Pitt is serious, and that in three year's time, he will say goodbye to acting forever. With 26 films listed as "in development" on his IMDb profile, three years doesn't leave time for much. Even though most of those credits are projects he hopes to produce one day with his company Plan B, it would be safe to say that Pitt's final acting credits are listed there and that he won't get to everything.

If Pitt only has roughly five movies left in him, which should he choose? Here are our picks for Brad Pitt's last five films.


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Chris TuckerIt's been awhile since we've seen Chris Tucker on the big screen, but it seems all that will soon change, as Tucker is reportedly close to joining David O. Russell's "The Silver Linings Playbook" and "Neighborhood Watch" for Fox Searchlight.

"Playbook" is based on the novel by Michael Quick and according to Variety, Tucker would be joining previously announced stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro.

In the film, Cooper is a high school teacher who's institutionalized for depression and then released into the care of his mother. Tucker will reportedly play Cooper's quirky mental institute-dwelling friend who escapes every now and again to visit his buddy on the outside.

For "Neighborhood Watch," Tucker is in talks to star alongside Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill in the Akiva Schaffer-directed comedy that follows a group of neighbors who use their neighborhood watch as a front for them to escape their families, until they discover a plot to destroy the world. Hopefully Schaffer's second directorial effort will fair better than his first, "Hot Rod."

Check out the rest of today's casting news past the jump!


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Bradley CooperBradley Cooper should be looking at his silver linings as he and his "Limitless" costar Robert De Niro are in talks to team up with director David O Russell for "The Silver Linings Playbook."

Deadline has the news that Cooper and De Niro are in negotiations for the flick. Cooper would be replacing Mark Wahlberg, who departed due to other obligations. Jennifer Lawrence is still committed as the movie's leading lady.

Check out the rest of today's casting news after the jump!


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