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FROM MTV.COM: There is no mention of "The Devil Wears Prada" — either the movie or the novel on which it was based — in "The September Issue," a new documentary about Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine. And yet the film feels like an attempt to set the record straight. The book, by Lauren Weisberg, who worked very briefly as Wintour's assistant, featured an icy fashion-magazine editor code-named Miranda Priestly, and was widely regarded as payback by a disgruntled ex-employee. In the movie, Meryl Streep played this character as an imperious grande dame, but without Wintour's trademark bobbed hairstyle and round-the-clock dark glasses; and the actress rounded out her portrayal with wisps of recognizable humanity. In the documentary, Wintour herself isn't quite able to do the same.

The picture was shot over the course of eight months in 2007, and focuses on the run-up to that year's September issue — the annual ad-stuffed doorstop that marks Vogue's yearly high point of profitability. (For 2007, it was projected to sell 13-million copies.) The director, R.J. Cutler, follows Wintour around the magazine's offices in the Times Square headquarters of Condé Nast Publications, and as we take in the sights — the fabled wardrobe racks, the sleek assistants' area and the editor's own capacious office — we realize how much the "Prada" movie got exactly right.

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Lots of movies vying for your attention this week, so let's get right to it. The big release of course is Rob Zombie's "Halloween II," a follow-up to his 2007 remake which continues the story in the rebooted universe. I'll be straight with you readers: Zombie scares the crap out of me. I wore out my White Zombie CDs back in high school and I loved his contribution to the movie "Beavis & Butthead Do America," but Zombie's particular vision what is scary falls right in line line with the worst of my nightmares.

Also new in horror this week is the third "Final Destination" movie, titled "The Final Destination," which I presume means it will be the last in the series. Until the inevitable reboot, of course. The flick comes to two flavors: regular and 3-D. For those who have no experience with the series, it's sort of a prototypical "Saw": a small group of people escape certain death after one has a premonition. The survivors then die one by one, in a series of increasingly elaborate set pieces. Good times. Read More...

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