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Even if you apes don't want to live forever, any and all "Starship Troopers" fans have to agree that Johnny Rico is an icon that will never, ever die — even if his likeness changes a bit in the coming years.

MTV News caught up with "Troopers" veteran Casper Van Dien at the Sundance Film Festival to chat about his new movie, "The Pact." But of course, we can't possibly have a conversation with the head honcho of Rico's Roughnecks and not talk about his endless battle against the bugs. (In case you're curious, the only good bug is still a dead bug.)

Last we heard, a "Starship Troopers" reboot was in the works, and one has to wonder whether there's a place for Van Dien in the new vision. Will there be a new Rico? Will Rico even exist in the new film? No matter how it shakes out, Van Dien insists he's just thrilled to see the legacy of "Troopers" live on.

"I think [the reboot is] fantastic. I support them," he said. "If they want me in it, I'd be thrilled. If they want to go another way, I'd still be thrilled."


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