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Halloween is typically all about the screams when it comes to watching movies, but shouldn't there be some room for a laugh or two? That's why the folks over at Film School Rejects re-edited one of the scariest movies of all time, "The Exorcist," into a friendly, funnier 1980s sitcom.

There's a laugh track, fluffy opening credits, and hilarious green vomit. It has all the hallmarks of classic family-friendly comedy…with some possession as an added bonus.

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Shaquille O'Neal

Sadly, the picture above is not from the set of a "Steel" prequel. A boy can dream, can't he? It is, in fact, from the set of "Grown Ups 2," which, to be clear, is not a prequel to "Steel."

Also, Travis Bickle trades his gun for a Nintendo Zapper and the Simpsons make movie references in today's Dailies!


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Halloween is on Saturday. Most of you probably know this already. What you may not know is that we've got a full week of crazy Halloween coverage for you here on MTV Movies Blog. Exclusive clips and photos. Interviews. Lists. Blog posts from guest writer (and "The Box director) Richard Kelly. Perhaps even a virgin sacrifice or two, provided we can find some willing readers. Note to willing readers: you can volunteer your immortal soul to us at

The week's festivities include daily lists of kickass movies to watch on or around Halloween. I know what you're thinking. "You guys always post lists on the Movies Blog." Well yes, that's very true. But these lists were picked by celebrities! People who understand what real fear is. First up for the week is Oren Peli, director of the hugely successful "Paranormal Activity." Since he's been so busy scaring us all, look at this as an opportunity to find out what scares him. Find the goods after the jump. Read More...

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