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The departure of longtime chairman Dick Cook from Walt Disney Studios is having a ripple effect on the company's planned film slate. Beyond the potentially endangered "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise given Johnny Depp's recent loss of enthusiasm, it appears that Disney is turning around on another project -- namely, "The Diary of Anne Frank."

According to The Wrap, Disney has ceased development on playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker David Mamet's interpretation of "The Diary of Anne Frank," the story of a young Jewish girl's experiences throughout the Holocaust. The report suggests that "Anne Frank" was rejected by Disney for being "too dark," but also because Cook's recent ousting has stalled movement on a vast majority of Disney's projects. Read More...

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Halo-- Wait... you mean an IESB rumor has been debunked?! I don't believe it. A weekend rumor that Steven Spielberg is interested in at the very least producing an adaptation of the hit video game "Halo" has been officially put to rest. Microsoft commented on the "news," stating that any "Halo" motion picture projects are officially on hold while the publisher concentrates on making games. I can't imagine why. Maybe it's the $60 price tag vs. the $10 movie ticket. (Kotaku)

-- Molly Ringwald wrote out a lengthy, heartfelt remembrance of her tragically fallen "Breakfast Club" and "Sixteen Candles" director, John Hughes. A lot has been said of Hughes in the past week, but Ringwald's reminiscence eclipses them all. (The New York Times) Read More...

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