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Out of the Furnace

The first trailer for Scott Cooper's upcoming drama "Out of the Furnace," starring Christian Bale, Casey Affleck, and Zoe Saldana, premiered today. The tale of one man's desperate search for his missing brother is said to be a potential Oscar presence, and this preview may have just confirmed that.

Also, Godzilla comes to Hawaii in today's Dailies!


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The Canyons

While we're not entirely sure what we just watched, we've been led to believe it is a teaser for "The Canyons," the Lindsay Lohan film from director Paul Schrader and writer Bret Easton Ellis.

The preview adopted the style of a 70s grindhouse movie, which is supposedly the first of three styles the filmmakers will adapt for teasers. They also plan on modeling one on a "50s melodrama" and a "30s comedy," so while you shouldn't expect "The Canyons" to look like a 70s thriller the entire time, it's still probably going to look like a porno.

Watch the full teaser after the jump!


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