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By Hannah Soo Park

With intricate storylines and mind-boggling twists, this year's biggest blockbusters didn't fail to pull out all the attention-grabbing stops. But the winding plotlines and extravagant outcomes also came at the cost of leaving major questions unanswered for audiences, even before the end credits began to roll.

From the obvious to the more complex thought-provokers, these plot holes and unresolved issues made it difficult to leave theaters without demanding the answers we truly needed.

(Major spoilers ahead, obviously!)


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500 Day of Spider-Man

An odd holiday release schedule broke this week's programming into three different openings for three different movies, but as we head into the weekend, MTV Movies Blog has your movie pairings for everything that came out this week.

Read on for this week's Double Feature Friday!

"The Amazing Spider-Man" & "(500) Days of Summer"
These two films don't play well together simply because Marc Webb directed both of them. The shared quality does, however, explain the more important aspect that they share. I wrote about it briefly in my review of "The Amazing Spider-Man," but Webb's only two feature films contain two of the most emotionally honest and unabashedly cute movie romances of the last few years. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's on-screen chemistry will definitely stir up any left over feelings you may have for the days when Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Tom and Zooey Deschanel's Summer first met.


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Webs out, Spider-fans! Sony's long-planned "Amazing" reboot hits theaters today, giving you the chance to finally weigh in once and for all: can Marc Webb's take on "Spider-Man" match or surpass the Sam Raimi era? Critics are divided, but this much is clear: Peter Parker's about to make a whole lot of money, and you're probably contributing to the pile.

We've been covering "Spider-Man" very thoroughly all throughout MTV Movies over the past few weeks. Keep reading for highlights of our coverage!




One of the greatest strengths of Marc Webb's maybe-too-soon reboot is an opportunity to recast the roles from Sam Raimi's trilogy with a truly impressive ensemble. Like many of the best superhero movies today, "The Amazing Spider-Man" attracted some major talents, so in honor of that film's release, we're taking a look back at each cast member's best movie.

Andrew Garfield - "Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1980"
Though he primarily appears in the first film of the trilogy, Garfield kicks off the "Red Riding" series with a lead role in the strongest entry. In "1980," the actor dons his almost forgotten English accent as Eddie Dunford, crack journo from the north country, who is just about the only man daring enough to investigate the case of disappearing children. The entire series is worth watching, but Garfield really stands out here.

Emma Stone - "Superbad"
The role that started it all and the one that set the tone for her cool, sarcastic persona, "Superbad" announced the arrival of Emma Stone. As Jules, Stone's character is the impetus for all of the mayhem that goes down between Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, and in a few short scenes, she demonstrates why she has become one of the most likable actresses in working in Hollywood.


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In many respects, Spider-Man makes for a great role model. "With great power comes great responsibility" is a mantra to live by in your everyday life. But when it comes to dating advice, the wall-crawler should not be the first person you look to.

In the latest episode of After Hours, MTV News' Josh Horowitz walks through the life lessons learned from "The Amazing Spider-Man" with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone to see if any of it is applicable to the dating world.

Some takeaways: girls love it when you randomly appear at their windows. Taking secret pictures of them, however, is frowned upon.

And fellas, just remember what Andrew Garfield says. It is your duty to aim your web accurately.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" hits theaters July 3.

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Michael Bay is back for "Transformers 4." Depending on your position, this is either a very good thing or a very bad thing — or, if you're a bit more zen, it really doesn't matter much at all. Bay's return to "Transformers" was a big topic on this week's Talk Nerdy, but there's more to discuss as well: "Amazing Spider-Man" seems to finally be heating up with fans after a killer trailer and an impending viral game. See what Team Nerdy thinks in the video below, plus get their take on "Ghost Rider" versus "This Means War" at the weekend box office.

Watch this week's Talk Nerdy!

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Spider-Man does whatever a spider can, and that apparently includes spinning amazing trailers in addition to amazing webs. The second trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" swung online early Tuesday morning (February 7), bringing fans their best look yet at Andrew Garfield's take on Peter Parker. If you ever doubted his ability to crack wise and have fun while busting bad guy butt, doubt no more—but make no mistake, there is a sense of realism and darkness here that was not present in the Sam Raimi era of "Spider-Man." Certainly an intriguing trailer, even if Lizard still looks just okay.

Check out the trailer below, and tune into MTV Splash Page throughout the week for plenty more "Spider-Man" updates!


Dark ShadowsThe MTV Movie Brawl 2012 is officially on! After the initial play-in and wild card rounds, 16 films have been selected to compete in a series of head-to-head single elimination matches in our March Madness-style bracket. In the end, only one of these flicks can be crowned the can't-miss movie of the year, and the choice is entirely up to YOU. Which movie will win the brawl for it all? Vote at MTV Movies Blog and make your choice known!

It's Spider-Man versus a bat man, but this isn't a superhero showdown. This is an all-out fight to the finish between Tim Burton's latest collaboration with his go-to leading man and the return of one of the most famous New Yorkers of all time.

(7) "The Amazing Spider-Man" vs. (2) "Dark Shadows"
It's an unlikely battle, but only one movie will leave standing. Will it be Andrew Garfield's debut as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Or will it be Johnny Depp as the vampiric patriarch in this big-screen adaptation of the classic soap opera? Superhero flicks have struggled throughout the play-in round, and the power of Depp is hard to deny. It's up to you to decide whether you're more excited for swinging around the New York skyline or the occasional Captain Jack drinking something a little bit deadlier than rum.

Watch our MTV Movie Brawl 2012 analysis!

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Dark Shadows

The MTV Movie Brawl 2012 is officially underway! But before you vote for the movie you're anticipating most in the coming year, why not familiarize yourself with all of the players?

Over the next few days, we'll be highlighting the 32 movies currently competing in the Brawl, eight flicks per day. Today's first look includes a trip to Gotham City, a voyage aboard a battleship and a vampire tale that has nothing to do with "Twilight."


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Next year will be a great one for films. The blockbusters alone have us with too many movies to be looking forward to. With epic superhero flicks, returns to old franchises and the ending of others, we are in for a real treat next year.

But we need your help. We want to know what movie you can't wait to see next year. Vote in the poll below to help decide which is the film to beat next year.


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