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ABCs of Death

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, but there are going to be two movies about "The ABCs of Death." A sequel to the creepy anthology is on the way, and filmmakers are promising a leaner and meaner set of horrors. You remember how this works: each director creates a short based on a theme related to a letter of the alphabet, and of course, death. Alex de la Iglesia ("The Last Circus"), Rodney Ascher ("Room 237"), and Academy Award-nominated animator Bill Plympton have already signed on to direct, plus there will be another competition to find the 26th filmmaker. The sequel is planned for a 2014 release, so you have plenty of time to break out your camera and get to work.


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Tim Burton

"Dark Shadows" director Tim Burton will be adapting a haunted gothic novel about a dark family tragedy (shocking, we know), "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children."

The story comes from author Ransom Riggs' book of the same name that feels similar to Edward Gorey by way of a vintage photo nightmare depicting … peculiar children (a few of the misfits include a girl who had the ability to hold fire in her hands, another who always levitated off the ground, and there were twins who could talk without actually speaking … ). Teenage Jacob visits the home in question, located on a remote island off the coast of Wales. Once there he realizes that the abandoned abode holds a darker and more dangerous secret than previously imagined. Get more on the news over here. You can also read what Ransom told Hollywood Crush about wanting Tim Burton to direct the adaptation -- looks like he got his wish!

We'll find out more when Burton collects his cast and crew, but for now visit more Horror Bites past the break.


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Attack the Block"Attack the Block," easily one of the most buzzed-about films in recent memory thanks to its film festival presence over the past year, is finally facing a wide-scale release thanks to Screen Gems. The film's a genre bender in the purest sense of the term: it's got science fiction, it's got comedy and, most relevantly to this particular column, it's chock full of horror.

If you're not already up to "Attack" speed, we can catch you up quite a bit, thanks to the recently released red-band trailer for the film. You'll find that trailer, plus updates on the "Human Centipede" sequel and more, past the jump. Welcome to this week's Horror Bites.


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