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The apocalypse approaches. April 21 brings us the Judgment Day foretold for years and years by the "Terminator" franchise -- the day Skynet becomes self-aware and makes a mess of things. Earlier today, I mused on the best ways to survive Judgment Day, if you're into staying alive: networking, wearing sun screen, being a team player... I'm pretty sure I covered most of the basics.

But must judgment be so unfortunate? Is Skynet's looming takeover really such a terrible thing? Who knows -- our robot rulers might be more gracious than our human overlords.

After the jump, check out five reasons why the robot apocalypse might not be the end of the world -- even though it technically will be. Oh well!


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Judgment Day approaches, and we're not talking about the Biblical kind: rather, yesterday was the day that Skynet became self-aware, and April 21, 2011 is the day that it launches its robot onslaught against mankind, according to the updated "Terminator" mythology laid out in the recent "Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV series. Threatened by what it perceives to be humanity infringing upon its God-given right to exist, Skynet goes bonkers, shutting down global systems, initiating nuclear holocaust and stopping production on "Jersey Shore." Is there no end to the machines' madness?

Fortunately, you are not alone. In dubious honor of the date, we've whipped up a list of five ways to survive when the machines come knocking at your door and it's not one of the friendly ones you can teach about crying and friendship. Society may be dead, but you are not. Go long, brave human.


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TerminatorA year and a half has passed since "Terminator Salvation" hit theaters, which just didn't capture the magic of the first two "Terminator" movies. Those of us feeling nostalgic for the good old days of the franchise, we're in luck: we're not the only ones who were disappointed by the latest films.

Entertainment Weekly caught up with "The Terminator" producer and co-writer Gale Anne Hurd, who called the "Terminator" films' recent history "very sad."

"You feel like you gave birth to something and it’s been adopted and those adoptions haven’t worked out," Hurd admitted. "Of course I’d be interested in doing another one. I’d love it." Read More...

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"Terminator Salvation" missed the mark a bit, but Sam Worthington was an undeniable highlight. The star, in his pre-"Avatar" days, gave a memorable performance as Marcus Wright, a Skynet terminator who believes he's a man. Although Wright doesn't quite make it through to the end, Worthington shared a few ideas about how his character could return in a sequel with MTV contributor Ryan Downey at the recent press junket for "Clash of the Titans."

"I had an idea that we'd go back in time to when Marcus was first put in jail," he said. The man who the Marcus Wright terminator is based on was a death row inmate prior to Judgment Day. "They broke Linda Hamilton out of jail in ['Terminator 2: Judgment Day'], out of the nuthouse. In this one, they'd have to go back in time and break Marcus out of jail. It's the same kind of mirror image." Read More...

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Some of you might agree with me, some of you might not, but in this reporter’s humble opinion “Terminator Salvation” was the saddest movie of 2009. Not because it packed powerful emotional depth, mind you. Quite the opposite. The sadness was in watching the continued tumble of what was once the epitome of science fiction cinema, and the fact that by the end of the movie you didn’t care who lived or died-- you just wanted it to end.

In my imagination, the great white knight is James Cameron, riding in someday on his noble steed and returning “Terminator” to the glory of the first two films. With all the movement of the last few weeks, some have speculated that the selling of the franchise could potentially bring The King of the World back into the fold. But when we caught up with his producing partner recently, he had a message for people like me: Don’t hold your breath. Read More...

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A few weeks ago it looked like the "Terminator" franchise, which has been the subject of sale talk since late last year, might go to Lionsgate after the studio put in a bid for it. Now there's news that the seeming sure-thing top offer might not be so sure anymore.

There's been no comment from the studio, but Variety reports that a bid was placed by Sony on Thursday, the final day of the rights auction. Lionsgate had previously offered $15 million plus 5% of future grosses to current owners The Halcyon Group. The sale plans came about in September 2009, after Halcyon filed for Chapter 11. MTV has reached out to Sony for comment, but I wouldn't count on hearing anything definite until the sale is finalized next week. Read More...

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"Terminator Salvation" was a bit of a letdown. The myth of John Connor had long since been established by the three previous movies, and the writing in the latest just didn't support what fans had come to know. Instead of a charismatic natural leader inspiring a revolution, we got a gruff, brooding Christian Bale and a story that focused mostly on a robot suffering through an identity crisis.

The movie wasn't a dismal failure, not with $372 million in worldwide ticket sales, but that wasn't enough to keep producer and rights-holder the Halcyon Group from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. The "Terminator" rights have been up for sale since September, though no one has been publicly revealed as a bidder until now. Lionsgate is the current frontrunner, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times. Read More...

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"Terminator" is back in the news these days, with the rights to the franchise on the auction block and "Terminator Salvation" director McG saying he's keen to make more series films despite the middling critical and box office reception of his first effort. James Cameron, the man who created this man-vs.-machine world, has gone ahead and made a little news himself.

In what we believe are his first comments after seeing "Terminator Salvation," Cameron sat down with MTV News' Josh Horowitz and discussed his expectations about the film, how it fits into the overall franchise mythology and if there's any chance he'll return to the series now that the rights are on sale to the highest bidder. Read More...

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'Terminator Salvation'Let's get this out of the way right off to bat: I enjoyed "Terminator Salvation." I know I'm sitting in a somewhat lonely circle, but what can I say? I'm a sucker for big, loud robots, cyborgs, whatever you want to call them, and "Salvation" has some jaw-droppingly cool scenes. The film is now hitting store shelves, and leads the DVD Report for Tuesday, December 1.

The studio was taking a gamble when it greenlit a fourth film in the venerable "Terminator" franchise. After a lackluster response to 2003's "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines," many fans advocated for putting the series to bed, either to breathe or permanently. But away we went with director McG at the helm, and Christian Bale and Anton Yelchin -- two figures with legitimate geek cred -- attached to the budding sequel. The resulting story saw a band of resistance fighters battling to save humanity from the ever-evolving SkyNet. Was the execution perfect? No. Did I get what I came for? Yeah, sorta. The attack of a mecha-sized robot against Yelchin and his clan in a gas station remains one of my favorite scenes of 2009. And there are enough other balls-out battles to satisfy my metallic quota. Read More...

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Summer action romp "Terminator Salvation" hits DVD and Blu-ray today. Continuing the story started by James Cameron back in 1984, "Salvation" forges new ground for the series by serving up a story after the apocalyptic Judgment Day we've been hearing about for all these years. John Connor (Christian Bale) is the leader of the human resistance and we finally get to see him bring the fight to the evil robots of Skynet.

The universe created by Cameron has become a truly rich one, spawning a (criminally underrated) television series, comic books and novels. It's the last one that I'm here to feature today. "Terminator Salvation: Cold War," from Titan Books, is freshly arrived on store shelves. Set in two locations at two different times -- Russia 2003 and Alaska 2018 -- the story follows a different front in humanity's war against the machine armies. In the excerpt after the jump, read as a loen Terminator dispatches a hulking grizzly bear with ruthless efficiency. Read More...

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