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'Tron Legacy'In July 2007, "Tron Legacy" director Joseph Kosinski took his first meeting with Disney about resurrecting the classic, geek-trapped-inside-a-computer flick for a new generation. Nearly four years later, he still can't quite leave it behind.

Just weeks after the film's December release, Kosinski was back in the edit room, tweaking the film that would eventually gross over $400 million worldwide. Hey, you can't blame a guy for being a perfectionist — especially if he's lived and breathed the world of "Tron" for four years. And as result, the director has dubbed the Blu-ray release — which hits shelves on Tuesday (April 5) — the "definitive" version of "Tron Legacy."

A few days ago, Kosinski gave MTV News a call to talk about the new release, his response to criticism of the effects work to turn Jeff Bridges into a younger version of himself, and why the next "Tron" sequel can be compared to "The Dark Knight."


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Last June, MTV News traveled up to Vancouver to visit the set of "Tron Legacy," Disney's stand-alone sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic. Along with a select group of journalists, we toured the set, talked to cast and crew and immersed ourselves in all things "Tron."

A studio-imposed embargo has now lifted and we can bring you the first of our interviews. Here's some of what Steven Lisberger, the co-writer/director of the original film, had to say.

Question: How weird is it for you to be in the sequel to "Tron" in 2009?

Steven Lisberger: We're in unchartered territory right now. It's a little bit like Rip Van Winkle. I was working along on "Tron" and then all of a sudden it stopped and it took 28 years to do all this other stuff, which I guess I needed to do.... So it feels strangely really right. More than one would think. Read More...

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TronOur Comic-Con preview continues today with what is surely one of the most anticipated films of the San Diego gathering: Disney's updated take on 1982’s man-in-the-machine mind-frak "Tron." Quite a change from 2008’s "Tron" at Con brain-melting bombshell.

“Last year we had the benefit of surprise,” "Tron" producer Sean Bailey told MTV News. “We had some visual test stuff to show that no one knew we had [prepared], which is really fun to be able to surprise a crowd that is pretty much unsurprise-able.”

That visual test showed off a high-tech clip of a lightcycle race—a take on one of the many iconic scenes from the original film—and the crowd went wild. Cut to 2009: with the “Tron” shoot having wrapped in Vancouver just a week ago, the task for filmmakers is both the same and quite different: everyone is well aware of a new “Tron” and there’s not a ton of complete footage available to show off. Read More...

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