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I've had the pleasure and frustration of interrogating the awesome Simon Pegg a few times in the last six months about his role as engineer Montgomery Scott in this little re-boot you might have heard of, "Star Trek." When we recently caught up with Pegg and "Spaced" co-horts Edgar Wright and Jessica Hynes (they're at Comic-Con hyping the long awaited debut of "Spaced" on DVD in the U.S.) he still wasn't ready to reveal all but we did get a chance to hear some of his Scotty voice. Well, sort of.

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Christian Bale- "The Dark Knight" demolishes midnight records, earning $18.4 million in early screenings. (Fantasy Moguls)

- A whopping 27 exclusive looks at upcoming films, TV shows and comics coming out of Comic-Con, including four new character posters from "Star Trek." (EW)

- Hasta la vista, Arnold. Bodybuilder, Arnold look-a-like, Roland Kickinger to portray the T-800 in next year's "Terminator: Salvation." (Clinton News-Record)

- Could Comic-Con someday leave San Diego? (Variety)

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Miley Cyrus- Sign of the apocalypse watch: Miley Cyrus wants to remake a younger, cleaner version of “Sex and the City.” (Just Jared)

- Drinks on this guy, eh Mr. Stark? “Tropic Thunder” scribe Justin Theroux to write “Iron Man 2.” (Variety)

- Those bastards! Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio lining up to star in Quentin Tarantino’s latest. (Variety)

- Hearts of darkness on display as “Tropic Thunder” viral sites go online. (Rain of Madness)

- “Mummy III” director (and special effects stickler) Rob Cohen to produce a remake of “Monster Squad.” (Bloody Disgusting)

- Phasers set to stunned: J.J. Abrams dishes a little on “Star Trek” reboot. (Coming Soon)

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William ShatnerWhen it comes to the legendary William Shatner, there are a million reasons to love the guy, from "T.J. Hooker" to those goofy Priceline commercials, to the "Saturday Night Live" episode when he told us all to get a life. But when all is said and done, he'll always be Captain Kirk -- and no "Just My Luck" heartthrob can take that away from him.

"I'm solidly behind being disappointed that I'm not in it," Shatner told us recently about J.J. Abrams' big-budget "Trek" re-imagining, which will hit theaters next May without the presence of the world's greatest over-actor (who was also at the first MTV Movie his story about that experience here). Read More...

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Iron Man- Excelsior! "Iron Man 2" coming in 2010, reports say. (/film)

- It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Will Smith! World's biggest movie star becomes world's biggest hero in extended trailer for "Hancock." (Yahoo)

- Maggie Gyllenhaal joins John Krasinski in untitled Sam Mendes comedy. (Variety)

- J.J. Abrams briefly talks "Star Trek," goes boldly or other some such nonsense. (AP)

- Rick Yune cast as antagonist in "Ninja Assassin." (Hollywood Reporter)

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John ChoMore than forty years ago, George Takei became U.S.S. Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu, one of the bravest adventurers in Gene Roddenberry's multi-cultural vision of our future. Now, one half of the "Harold & Kumar" team has taken the torch, and he's high on the script that will soon bring us a "Star Trek" reboot.

"The shoot went great; it was just a dream," marveled John Cho, the new Sulu in J.J. Abrams' highly-anticipated "Trek" film that will go where many have gone before in May 2009. "It is really, explicitly living out a childhood fantasy. So, it was just about as good as it gets for me."

Lucky enough to be one of the new Trekkies whose predecessor is still with us, Cho prepared for the life-changing role by peppering Takei with questions. "With George I was like ‘How is this going to change my life? How are you going to guide me through this process?'" he laughed. "Because there's only a handful of people who know what it's like to have been on that cast, and to have lived through what they lived through. I was just curious to know what was in store for me." Read More...

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Simon PeggImagine the coolest email possible and you probably can't top the one that Simon Pegg once received from "Star Trek" director J.J. Abrams. "I got off a plane and switched my blackberry on. It had an email from J.J. and it just said, 'Do you want to be Scotty?' That was it!" Pegg recalled to MTV News about how he received the offer to reprise James Doohan's iconic role in the film.

Pegg admitted that his first reaction was fear, namely fear of commitment. "I said, 'What am I going to do?' I thought about it for a bit because you have to commit to a series of films and that puts you in a situation where the studio has some control over what you do. I called up J.J. and I said, 'the idea is amazing but I’m worried.' And he said, 'what’s the worst that can happen? We hang out every three years and make a fun film?'" Read More...

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If you think getting to your office is a grind, you should try working on the U.S.S. Enterprise joked "Star Trek" co-star Bruce Greenwood, who is set to assume the role of original Starfleet captain Christopher Pike in J.J. Abrams' upcoming reboot.

"I can't tell you anything! I gotta stop talking to you. Don't ask me anymore questions!" the veteran actor laughed on the blue carpet at the Independent Spirit Awards, where he was being honored for his work in the Bob Dylan biopic "I'm Not There."

"The disclosure agreement is like, THAT thick," he added, holding his arms six inches apart, before lifting his jacket over his head and wrapping his face in his coat. "We go to the set like this. I'm not kidding...that's all we can do!" Read More...

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As J.J. Abrams' new "Star Trek" continues to hover on the horizon, all fans can do these days is watch that super-cool teaser trailer over and over again, and hope the "Lost" mastermind is on to something good. Well, according to his 18-year-old Pavel Chekov, Abrams is walking a fine line between reverence and reinvention.

"[Classic 'Trek'] is dated, and that's what makes it great," explained "Charlie Bartlett" star Anton Yelchin. "But at the same time, we are making a big fat action film."

Yelchin stopped by the MTV studios this week and had some eye-opening things to say about the film's ending, cameos from past "Trek" actors, whether he'll deliver Chekov's "nuclear wessels" line, and the revolutionary presence of "Enterprise aliens" working alongside humans on the ship. But listen up, Blog readers, for a few more juicy details: Read More...

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Eric BanaNewly minted "Star Trek" baddie Eric Bana recently threw the Trek fan community a curveball when he told several reporters that his role in the J.J. Abrams reboot amounted to little more than a cameo appearance.

"[But] it's a good cameo!" the "Hulk" star enthused, a wide grin across his face.

Cameo or not, Bana knows a lot rests on his Romulan shoulders, especially given that the "Trek" movies have always been defined in large part by the success (or failure) of their villains. Nero's quest may take him to the city on the edge of forever, but viewers won't have to go that far back to find iconic bad guys like the Borg or Khan for comparison.

It's an assessment Bana can't help but make himself, the actor admitted to MTV News. Read More...

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