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--But first, more peer-created "Where the Wild Things Are" art! The movie's official We Love You So blog has been supporting a Crailtap contest asking for imaginative Photoshop work-ups of "Wild Things" art in pop culture imagery. The results have been impressive, to say the least. (We Love You So)

--This next one comes compliments of MTV Movies Blog reader Rebekah Burgess. I love myself some "Ghostbusters." It's a bonafide classic, and it's set in a New York City that doesn't really exist anymore. Not that you'd be able to tell by simply comparing the locations. A pair of new posts on Scouting New York show a series of "then & now" photos -- movie stills compared with current-day locations -- from "Ghostbusters," with appropriate commentary. It's fantastic; I urge you all to click through and see for yourselves. (Scouting New York (Part 1) and Scouting New York (Part 2)) Read More...

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They're not the only two releases on the plate this week, but they're the two which are most likely to divide audiences. Shane Acker's "9" has been something of a staple on MTV Movies Blog these past few months. I caught a screening over the summer and very much enjoyed what I saw.

Produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, "9" is set in a stitchpunk dystopian future in which humans have been eradicated. All that remains are robotic contraptions and little beings made of sackcloth. It's a short movie -- roughly 75 minutes -- but it gets in, tells a compelling story and then gets out with exceptional economy. You won't be left with many questions when the credits roll even though there's a relative absence of heavy exposition. In summation, "9" is short and sweet. Check out our coverage of "9" all this week on MTV Splash Page for exclusive clips, images and interviews. Read More...

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-- The Sundance Film Festival will add the Next section for next year's gathering. The category will showcase six to eight films which make "innovative and original" use of low-/no-budget features. I wonder if "District 9" would have made the cut. (Variety)

-- Buried in a report on the upcoming lineup for Dino De Laurentiis Co., it was revealed that an adaptation of Karen Russell's novel "St. Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves" is in the works. The story follows a group of girls raised by werewolves as they are being prepared to interact with civilized society. (Variety) Read More...

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-- First up in this relatively quiet day Around the Blogosphere is a well put together list feature running through 11 short films that have been teased out into feature-length efforts. There are some surprises there to be sure, especially if you're not a film geek. "Napoleon Dynamite" and Wes Anderson's "Bottle Rocket" both started life in short form. The peg of course is Shane Acker's "9," which was an Oscar-nominated 2005 short film. The CGI animated feature, which is produced by Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov, hits theaters on September 9. (Short Films that Grew Up)

-- Over at Cinematical, Jessica Barnes gives some love to superheroes who were thrown under a bus in their Hollywood treatments. Not literally of course; most heroes could survive such an occurrence anyway. Can you guess who the lucky contestants might be? Other than Elektra and Catwoman that is. (Superheroes That Deserve Another Chance) Read More...

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Tim Burton is one of cinema's living legends. 100 years from now, he'll be mentioned with same reverence reserved for the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, John Ford... those guys. He's a top dog, and we have many more years of Burton's delightfully twisted cinematic vision to look forward to. His touch is certainly felt in Shane Acker's "9," which hits theaters in September (9/9/09 to be precise).

Well Burton is coming here. I already had my "OMG" moment. Calm now. Ready to share the goodness with you readers. See, we like to give y'all a chance to have your voices heard in our interviews. It's how we roll. So we want your Burton questions. "9" stuff is encouraged of course, but the sky's the limit. Just keep it clean. Mail your questions to us at-- STOP! Don't mail us your questions anymore! The interview is over! Thanks for playing y'all... don't worry. Plenty more to come.

To inspire you, here's a brief clip of Burton talking to MTV in 2006... about "Friends"?!

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9Last week we ran some exclusive images of a pair of Pony sneakers spun off of Shane Acker's upcoming CG animated "stitchpunk" fantasy "9." Some of you asked where you might obtain a pair of those nifty-looking kicks. As it turns out, you can't. Not in a store anyway. There IS a way you can get them for free though!

The image up there on the right (and a larger version of the same available after the jump) is your official Talisman Challenge Clue. Eight other websites have similar images for you to grab. Grab them all and piece them together to reveal a code. Bring that code over to and punch it in to activate the decoder there.

Your code entry nabs you a shot at winning one of several prizes, the best of which is a pair of the Pony kicks. Eight others will receive promotional prize packs of "movie-related merchandise." Noticing a pattern here with all of these 9s? It's not coincidental, I assure. "9" hits theaters this fall on -- you guessed it -- 9/9/09. Read More...

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9I've been buzzing a lot here on MTV Movies Blog about Shane Acker's "9." The computer animated movie's amazing visual aesthetic would be more than enough on its own, but there's also the involvement of Tim Burton and "Wanted" director Timur Bekmambetov as producers to consider. Everything I've seen of "9" -- and I've seen more than you know -- screams "see this movie, and see it right now!"

Even still, I was a bit rattled when I received these exclusive images of "9"-branded sneakers. Merchandising can be a tough game to play. There's a very fine line between what works and what doesn't. And to be frank, I didn't know what to expect when I got word that Pony created a pair of limited edition "9" sneaks, modeled after the movie's stitched-together burlap characters.

As it turns out, these things fall on the "cool" side of that aforementioned fine line. As someone with an understated fashion sense and a love for Earth tones, these really appeal to me. I would wear them, no question. Enough hype though... follow the jump for an exclusive look at the limited edition sneaks, including a close-up of the sockliner. Read More...

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Tim BurtonTim Burton’s done comic book heroes, big budget futuristic adventures and sci-fi alien invasion stories, yet the director has never introduced one of his films into the hallowed halls of the geek-tastic carnival that bows down in worship to all those genres: Comic-Con. 2009, though, is going to be Burton’s year.

On Friday, July 24, Burton will pull on his producer’s cap and bring his post-apocalyptic animated escapade “9” to San Diego. And when he does, he’s hoping to get over a traumatic experience he had at the convention in the late ‘70s. Read More...

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The computer animated fantasy "9," from Oscar-nominated short director Shane Acker, has me pretty excited. For starters, the art style is wild. There's also the not-insignificant fact that Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of "Wanted") produced the thing. Have you seen anything from it yet? No? Check this craziness out:

Cool, right? We've had "9" photo exclusives before, and now we've got some more. A pair of action shots from the movie. They look great, and make me even more excited to share in Acker's fantastical dystopian world. Enjoy. Read More...

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