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An image like the one you'll find after the jump could only have come from the halls of San Diego Comic-Con. Right? Today's Daily TwitPic features "Boondock Saints" star Sean Patrick Flanery in what appear to be his final moments. A pair of Spartan super-soldiers, from the "Halo" video game universe, have the actor held at gunpoint for reasons that aren't made clear. Maybe that had issues with "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day"?

The MTV team on the ground in San Diego will be keeping an eye out for Flanery today as they continue our ongoing coverage of Comic-Con's biggest panels and most sought-after interviews. You'll of course be able to see some of it later today when the second of our three MTV/MySpace-sponsored livestreams gets underway at 3pm ET. There's still time to send along your questions; just tweet them to MTV Movies managing editor @JoshuaHorowitz. Hit the jump to take a peep at Flanery's final moments. Read More...

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If you don't know about the cosplay and people watching available in San Diego this week thanks to Comic-Con International, you're in luck because pictures and insights have been rolling in from across the Twitter-Wood feed today. Sean Patrick Flanery posed for a shot with some Halo Spartans, Patton Oswalt spotted Superman, and Anna Kendrick's just happy to be among friends.

Kal Penn, meanwhile, finally got to check out "Human Centipede." You can find out he had to say below along with shot of Tyrese Gibson hanging out with Mel Gibson, another actor's tweet from the "Guns, Girls and Gambling" location and much more.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for July 22, 2010. Read More...

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Earlier today, we brought you an early edition of Twitter-Wood packed chock-full of celebrity praise for James Cameron's sci-fi epic, "Avatar." It's a much more tragic set of circumstances that brings me back to you with another Twitter-Wood early edition.

"Clueless" star Brittany Murphy left us suddenly over the weekend, the victim of a heart attack at the too-young age of 32. The breaking news resulted in an outpouring of grief and sympathy for Murphy's family from around the celebrity Twittersphere. I'll let the people who knew her take it from here... Read More...

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Sure, this weekend's premiere of "Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day" features the return of Connor and Murphy McManus, Il Duce and the rest of Boston's favorite movie vigilantes, but when I asked around for some questions to ask the film's director and stars when they dropped by Movies Blog HQ, there was one element from the first film everyone was asking about for the sequel: the rope.

Fans of the original film will no doubt recall the brothers' oft-quoted, obscenity-laden debate regarding the merits of bringing rope to their showdown with a mob boss—and according to director Troy Duffy and stars Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly, the rope is indeed back by popular demand. Read More...

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It's been 10—count 'em, 10!—years since brothers Connor and Murphy McManus kicked off their quest to rid Boston of evildoers in director Troy Duffy's "The Boondock Saints," and now the city's vigilante duo are strapping on their guns (and rope) for the sequel to the cult-classic film.

"Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day" hits theaters October 30, reuniting actors Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus as the McManus brothers, along with Billy Connolly, who reprises his role as their long-lost father (the mysterious and lethal "Il Duce"). Even with a decade between them and their debut as the McManus siblings, Flanery and Reedus told MTV News it was easy to slip back into character—as easy as putting on a pea coat and slinging some rope over their shoulders, in fact.

"You put on the pea coats and all that and it's sort of deja vu," said Reedus. "doing this film, the second one, is like coming back home in a way." Read More...

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Though Patrick Swayze's extensive career prompted massive tweeting about "Dirty Dancing," "Point Break" and "Ghost" today, it's important not to forget some of his less prominent contributions from "Donnie Darko" and "Saturday Night Live." Richard Kelly and Seth Meyers were just two of the many mourners who showed up in the Twitter-Wood feed to share such memories.

Swayze's death wasn't the only tragedy to appear today, though, as Jessica Simpson's dog Daisy was apparently kidnapped by a coyote. The actress and singer posted a worried pick of the missing pooch her account, in case anyone finds it. Elsewhere, "Eclipse" filming continues and you can find tweets from director David Slade as well as actors Peter Facinelli and Anna Kendrick below. They're in the Twitter-Wood report for September 15, 2009. Read More...

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