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A good part of the world is always going to see Ferris Bueller when they look at Matthew Broderick, and that's fine. Not every actor is afforded the opportunity to craft a character as memorable and iconic as the high school troublemaker, so Broderick deserves the recognition. He's had other roles though, and more often than not, he's shined in them (see also: "Election").

Broderick's latest is "Wonderful World," a family drama in which the actor plays a divorcee who willfully avoids falling in love again. If the exclusive clip below is any indication, he may not find much success there. Khadi (Sanaa Lathan), who comes to live with Broderick's Ben Singer as a roommate following a series of random events, teaches Singer daughter Sandra (Jodelle Ferland) how to dance while dear old dad watches. And that's not all dear old dad is watching. You can see "Wonderful World" on Amazon, Xbox Live or VOD now, or catch it in theaters starting January 8.

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