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For a generation of cinephiles Sam Neill may always be "Jurassic Park's" biggest skeptic: paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, the dino-expert who is not sure that the idea of a theme park featuring dinosaurs made from DNA extracted from prehistoric mosquitoes is such a good idea.

Neill famously played the character in both the first (and the best) and the last (and not as best) "Jurassic Park" movies, leaving nearly a decade since he got into dino-hunting mode... and if we're being honest, there's still a part of us hoping that someday we might hit up our local Cineplex to catch another film in the franchise with Neill in the lead role.

Well, we might feel that way, but it turns out Neill doesn't. MTV News spoke with the actor on Monday at the Fox Upfront presentation, where he and "Lost" alum Jorge Garcia were promoting their new J.J. Abrams show, "Alcatraz" -- and the occasional paleontologist was pretty quick to kill all our childhood hopes and dreams with all the ruthless efficiency of a velociraptor (which he does an excellent impression of in the video above at the 55 second mark).


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FROM MTV.COM: Things would be real different if vampires ruled the world. Coffee would come spiked with hemoglobin, not half-and-half. Tooth-whitener ads would feature fangs. And the most compelling public-service announcement would be an hourly sunrise advisory. Some things would suck in a new way, too. As one weary vampire puts it in "Daybreakers," the inventive new genre flick from Australia, "Life's a bitch, and then you don't die."

The movie presents us with a world in which vampires do rule. Humans have been so successfully blood-farmed by a vampire corporation called Bromley Marks that they're now an endangered species. Only small bands of them remain at large, armed with stake-shooting crossbows and hiding out in the sunny countryside, where they're hard for the undead authorities to catch. With the vampire food supply running low, and consumer unrest on the rise, the corporation's elegantly sinister CEO, Charles Bromley (Sam Neill), is driving his staff scientists to find a blood substitute. His chief researcher, Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke), is on the case; but Dalton sympathizes with the humans, and his real goal is to find a cure for vampirism — which is not what the profit-oriented Bromley has in mind. ("Besides," he asks, sipping from a glass of arterial claret, "what's to cure?")

Continue reading 'Daybreakers': Blood Types, By Kurt Loder

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If you read this blog regularly, you've probably heard me rave about "Daybreakers." It's a potent equation. Take Ethan Hawke, Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe, throw in a crossbow strapped to a shotgun, human blood farms and a society ruled by vampires. Wrap it all up with a story involving a renegade group of the blood-suckers working to "cure" themselves and the dwindling human population fighting back. I can't shout "sold" loudly enough.

What we have here is an exclusive TV spot for "Daybreakers," which hits theaters on January 8, 2010. I dig the vibe here, a PSA informing all vampires to turn in humans they find for the continued survival of all. Check it out.

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In one fell swoop, my opinion of "Daybreakers" has shifted from "mildly interested" to "holy wow I want to see this now." Okay fine. I was more than mildly interested. The cast, which includes Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill is exciting on its own. And the poster we revealed a few weeks ago, featuring what appears to be a blood farm, is undeniably cool.

But the images we have for you today, part of an MTV Movies Blog week filled with awesome exclusives, seal the deal. Particularly the one you can see a snippet of right here: Willem Dafoe wielding a shotgun/crossbow and giving you the crazy eye. Kickass. The story follows a renegade group of vampires trying to restore humanity to a blood-sucker ruled world. January 8, 2010 seems very far away right now... Read More...

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Looking at this poster, you might think it's a scene out of "The Matrix." You'd be wrong though. "Daybreakers" is a vampire flick that hits theaters on January 8, 2010. This is no "Twilight" though. "Daybreakers"' vampires live for human blood, none of that "vegetarian" nonsense. And that's what you see in the poster revealed after the jump: a vampire-run blood farm.

The story is set in 2019, a dystopian future Earth which has been ravaged by a living plague that turns the human population into vampires. The story follows a rebel group among the vampires, blood-suckers who want a return to the human condition. If the story isn't enough to snare you, take a look at the cast: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe and Sam Neill all star. Peep the new poster, revealed exclusively on, after the jump. Read More...

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In the Mouth of MadnessToday's pick is kind of deep cut, but it's so freaking cool that I had to give it a shout. In 1994, director John Carpenter released a horror flick called "In the Mouth of Madness." If you haven't seen it, you should. Critics didn't love it and, I'll admit, there are some gaping flaws. It nonetheless remains an atmospheric, incredibly creepy scarefest with deep-rooted influences from literary horror genius H.P. Lovecraft.

Sam Neill stars in "Madness" as John Trent, an insurance investigator tasked with looking into the mysterious disappearance of acclaimed horror novelist Sutter Cane (Jurgen Prochnow). Since Cane's disappearance leaves his latest book unfinished, the publisher calls Trent in to find out what happened. The investigation leads Trent to the town of Hobb's End -- a fictional location named in the title of Cane's unfinished book -- where some unusual stuff starts to happen. Read More...

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