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Who expected "Kung Fu Panda" to be as charming as it was? Dreamworks had a shaky history of 3-D films that were big on star power and small on substance, but one barely noticed all the celebrity voices in between the tightly polished jokes and immaculate animation. Especially fun was how the movie paid righteous tribute to kung fu tradition, from the deftly choreographed fight scenes to the standard character types like the wise guru, the hot-headed proteges and of course, poor clueless Po.

Po whipped himself into fighting shape by film's end, and the upcoming sequel will see where he's gone since. But how would he stack up against characters from kung fu lore? Fighting films used to be huge in American pop culture, but faded out as guns and gratuitous violence went en vogue. Here's where we think he'd end up in a battle royale against some of history's greatest kung fu fighters, reality aside (because, um, talking panda bears don't exist).


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Michael JacksonLast week’s sad death of Michael Jackson has all of us in the MTV newsroom working overtime these days, for obvious reasons. We already ran a story on MJ’s direct influence in movies and TV including “The Wiz” and “The Simpsons.” What’s even more impressive is the movies he inspired without even appearing in them.

Below are ten classic film moments that would not exist if Michael Jackson never moonwalked across our planet and into out hearts. What’s your favorite? Read More...

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