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There's been plenty of talk recently about a "Bridesmaids" sequel, with the talent involved frequently saying they'd be interested in potentially reprising their roles in the film. MTV News recently caught up with Rose Byrne, who joked that she's got a better idea for the follow-up than a sequel.

"I'm pitching a prequel. Yeah. Before they were bridesmaids. Maybe in outer space. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking," Byrne said with a laugh. "Just modern. Go modern. Let's go, right? Let's reinvent it."


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Rose ByrneRose Byrne is headed into the forest for a role in "The Place Beyond The Pines."

The "X-Men: First Class" actress will be replacing Greta Gerwig as the wife of Bradley Cooper's character, a police officer turned politician, Vulture is reporting. "The Place Beyond The Pines," which also stars Ryan Gosling, is currently filming in Schenectady. "Blue Valentine's" Derek Cianfrance is directing the crime drama.

Check out the rest of today's casting news after the jump!


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Not unlike Jake Gyllenhaal in "Source Code," you can relive the first five minutes of Duncan Jones' new film over and over again.

Yahoo Movies got the first look at "Source Code," the trippy sci-fi thriller that forces leading man Gyllenhaal to relive the last eight minutes of another man's life to try to stop a threat that will kill millions of people in downtown Chicago. Needless to say, these first minutes of the movie end with a bang.

There's more news out there today beyond "Source Code." After the jump, find out what the hold up is on "Ghostbusters III," which cast members are returning for "Silent Hill: Revelation 3D" and what the Westboro Baptist Church thought of "Red State."


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I caught writer/director Max Mayer's "Adam" at Sundance earlier this year and very much enjoyed it. I remember thinking as I walked out what a tough time it would probably have getting picked up, so it makes me happy to know that the offbeat comic romance goes into limited release today. "Rom-com" is perhaps not the correct term for describing "Adam." A romance is central to the story and there are comedic elements, but the genre conventions of your average rom-com are for the most part abandoned.

Hugh Dancy stars as the titular Adam, a young man who is afflicted with Asperger syndrome. Asperger is considered an "autism spectrum disorder"; those who have it suffer from poor communication skills -- particularly with regards to reading body language or grasping social norms -- and an inability to empathize. Adam, who is mourning the loss of his father and last living family member when the story opens, lives a solitary life in New York City. Until he meets his new neighbor Beth (Rose Byrne), at which point an odd, awkward sort of relationship blossoms.

Dancy stopped by the MTV News offices earlier this week to chat with Hollywood Crush editor Lindsay Soll. In the below video, the "Adam" star discusses how he prepared for the role and how the reality series "America's Next Top Model" raised awareness of "Adam" and Asperger syndrome.

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Sean 'P Diddy' CombsRussell Brand's Aldous Snow will have a lot of help to "Get Him to the Greek," but it isn't Emily Blunt. Assisting the crazy-coiffed rocker instead will be Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, Rose Byrne ("Knowing"), and Elizabeth Moss ("Mad Men").

The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" spin-off focuses on Brand's sex addicted rocker, Aldous Snow, who had left Marshall and Hawaii behind for newer, greener pastures. Snow falls off the wagon, gets hooked on cocaine and heroin, and is due in L.A. for a big comeback concert. It falls to Jonah hill, a superfan in "Marshall" and now a record executive intern, to make sure he gets to L.A. from London in one piece. Read More...

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'Star Wars'A live-action TV series set in the “Star Wars” cosmos has been an elusive, tantalizing prospect for years. News of the potential production first surfaced in 2005 while George Lucas was promoting “Revenge of the Sith.” Work on the “Clones Wars” animated feature film and Cartoon Network series, though, took creative precedence. In late 2007, Lucas revealed that he and his team were about to begin writing scripts for the live-action show. Now MTV News has learned that casting for the series is currently underway.

During the junket for the Nicolas Cage thriller “Knowing,” star Rose Byrne let slip that Team Lucas is casting a wide net for actors to join the show. “A lot of my friends have been auditioning for it,” she said. Read More...

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