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Public EnemiesWhen a film like “Public Enemies” comes out, it seems awfully good to be a gangster. Sure, you spend your life dodging the authorities, but you spend it with the fastest cars, the most stylish clothes and the sexiest women.

Face it, ladies... we’re suckers for the bad boy – especially if he’s using some of those ill-gotten gains to buy expensive presents. If you’re looking for a few good gangsters to hang out after you’re done with Johnny Depp’s John Dillinger, look no further than these five. Read More...

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'RocknRolla'FROM MTV.COM How bad can the world economy be if people are still giving Guy Ritchie money to make movies? On the 10th anniversary of his breakthrough with "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" — a film about the near-incomprehensible doings of a group of London toughies with names like Dog, Plank, and Barry the Baptist — Ritchie is back with "RocknRolla," a film about the almost entirely incomprehensible doings of a group of London toughies with names like Waster, Tank and Fred the Head. Given the crash-and-burn of his last mob job, the utterly incomprehensible "Revolver" (with French Paul, Fat Dan and Lord John), the time would seem to have come for Ritchie to stop making this movie.

The plot of "RocknRolla" can be suggested in only the most impressionistic terms. There's an old-school bad guy named Lenny (Tom Wilkinson, channeling Bob Hoskins in "The Long Good Friday") and a new-school Russian bad guy named Uri (Karel Roden, revisiting the shady Russki he played in "The Bourne Supremacy"). There are also a pair of low-level gangsters named One Two and Handsome Bob (Gerard Butler and Tom Hardy), and a pair of unlikely club owners named Mickey and Roman (Jeremy Piven and Chris "Ludacris" Bridges), and a nest of gamblers called the Wild Bunch, and a crafty accountant named Stella (Thandie Newton), and a drugged-out rock star called Johnny Quid (Toby Kebbell), who happens to be Lenny's stepson (not that it matters). Suave Mark Strong plays Lenny's enforcer, Archie, and gives the only really interesting performance in the movie.

Continue reading Kurt Loder's review of "RocknRolla" at

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They sing, they dance, they produce, heck, they even act. But now the boys of OutKast can add an even more impressive title to their resumes: muses.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi (nee Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton, respectively) won’t actually appear in Guy Ritchie’s newest crime drama, “Rock n Rolla,” but two characters, music managers played by Jeremy Piven and Ludacris, WERE based on the outlandish and talented duo, Piven revealed to MTV News.

“He did, he did pattern it on them,” Piven said of his character in the film. “[My character] was originally written as a black character, it was kind of an homage in a way to Andre 3000 and Big Boi from a video from back in the day that Guy had seen.” Read More...

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'Watchmen'- First "Watchmen" trailer to be attached to "The Dark Knight" and more from Zak and Debbie Snyder on the most eagerly awaited film of 2009. (Collider)

- Steven Spielberg acquires "The 39 Clues" as possible directing vehicle. (Variety)

- Chris Carter in the midst of direction "Fencewalker" with a cast of relative unknowns (and Xzibit!). What's the movie about? The truth is out there...somewhere. (THR)

- Guy Ritchie's latest crime opus "RocknRolla" and Shia LaBeouf's "Eagle Eye" get trailer-ized. (Empire & Yahoo)

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Thandie NewtonAfter taking five years post-"Snatch" to return to the seedy underbelly of London crime with "Revolver," director Guy Ritchie is planning a much quicker turnaround after his next film, "RocknRolla." That's according to his new lead actress Thandie Newton, who revealed to MTV News that the director is intent on turning his latest drama into a trilogy of films - and on doing it fast.

"'RocknRolla' is one of three films and Guy's keen to get going on that straight away," Newton enthused. "[The second and third films in the series] are going to be excellent. I can't wait.

"We shot incredibly quickly [on the first]. There were three weeks pre-production," Newton added of her thoughts on how quickly the crime story could begin shooting. "He just gets on with it. He absolutely does not see challenges as intimidating." Read More...

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Thandie NewtonQuick: Name the female lead in "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels." Now the one in "Snatch." Go!

Alright, we admit, these are trick questions. (There are no female leads in either film, for the record). Guy Ritchie is good at a lot of things, but writing kick-ass woman isn't one of them. Until now, smiled Thandie Newton, who's joining the boys for a bit of fun in Ritchie's upcoming mobster flick "RocknRolla."

"I was the only girl for miles around. I thought I'd have to struggle to be a woman in that scenario," Newton said. "[But] Guy was so open to me having ideas." (Watch co-stars Ludacris and Jeremy Piven talk about his "RocknRolla" role after the jump!) Read More...

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Mummies, and Magic, and Mane...oh my! Our inner geek rejoices this morning with updates from some of our favorite fantasy and horror series highlighting the news of the day.

Batman begins...again. "The Dark Knight" teaser page up. (The Dark Knight)

Guy Ritchie returns to director's chair for "RocknRolla." (Variety)

J.K. Rowling updates online diary, makes spoiler-free plea to fans. (J.K. Rowling)

"Live Free or Die Hard"'s Mary Elizabeth Winstead set to dance it up in upcoming flick "Make it Happen." (

Weisz out, Bello in as "Mummy" main squeeze. (Variety)

Tyler "Michael Myers" Mane signed on for one more "Halloween." (Shock Till You Drop)

Hollywood adaptation of fantasy book series "The Alchemyst" nabs a scribe. (Hollywood Reporter)

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