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Back in May, the new movie from J.C. Chandor, the Oscar-nominated writer and director of "Margin Call," starring Robert Redford, "All Is Lost," debuted at the Cannes Film Festival, and it wowed just about everyone. (Most of those reviews are quoted in single-word raves in the trailer.)

The first trailer for "All Is Lost" just debuted over at Yahoo! Movies, so check out the trailer above and learn more about the film after the jump!


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Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf continues his recent trend of working with some well-respected directors, adding Robert Redford to the list with "The Company You Keep," which is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In the film, LaBeouf takes on the Redford-esque role of an investigative journalist, who tracks down the remaining member of a 1970s domestic terrorist cell (Redford).

Click past the jump to check out the trailer (via The Playlist) and a plot description.


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Gerard ButlerGerard Butler is returning to the good side of the law in Millennium Films' latest acquisition, "The Bricklayer."

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that the "Law Abiding Citizen" star has been brought on board to play former FBI agent Noah Boyd in the book adaptation. Boyd is working as a Chicago bricklayer when he is called in to stop a criminal organization demanding multimillion-dollar ransom payments. "Enigma" scribe Hanna Weg is writing the screenplay.

Check out the rest of today's casting news after the jump!


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It's the first November of 2009, which means it's time to pull that lever, touch that screen or figure out whatever newfangled contraption your district has provided: today is Election Day, so cast that vote!

I put that exclamation point in there not because I'm excited to vote in New York's mayoral election, but because Election Day gets me thinking about what a rich topic elections have been for cinema. Combining intrigue, corruption, passion and the odd sex scandal, politics in general and elections in particular have made for some big screen gems over the years. Here are my favs. Read More...

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He'll always be best known for representing a Mac in Apple commercials, but Justin Long continues to branch out with his acting career. After a decade of playing fairly light roles in comedies and horror films, not to mention a prominent breakout part in "Live Free or Die Hard," he will be getting his first serious, dramatic supporting role in Robert Redford's Lincoln assassination movie, "The Conspirator," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Long joins James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn for the historical drama about Mary Surratt (Wright Penn), the sole woman allegedly involved in the plot to kill the president. McAvoy plays a disfigured Civil War hero who comes to her defense, while Long will play his best friend and fellow soldier who also assists as McAvoy's conscience. Read More...

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Steven Spielberg has long planned an Abraham Lincoln-centric biopic, but it looks like actor-director Robert Redford is going to beat the "Indiana Jones" filmmaker to the punch. However, where Spielberg's vision purported to tell of Lincoln's life, Redford is instead focusing squarely on the slavery abolishing president's death.

Variety reports that Robert Redford will direct actors James McAvoy and Robin Wright Penn in "The Conspirator," the American Film Company-produced period piece that focuses on the aftermath of President Lincoln's assassination. Read More...

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Colin FarrellWelcome to Sundance 2008, where your MTV News movie team is once again on the ground, and Colin Farrell is already on the red carpet professing his plans to party.

More about that later, but to whet your appetite for the days ahead, here are a few fast facts about the latest edition of Robert Redford's annual party:

- Saturday’s highly-anticipated premiere of “U2 3D” will be the first of the slick, new-school three-dimensional films (think 'Beowulf') to ever screen at Sundance. A special projector had to be installed in the Eccles Theater, but with names like Cameron, Zemeckis and Lucas developing films for the medium, the timing is right.

- The darlings of Sundance this year? 23-year-old Melonie Diaz has no fewer than four films in Park City. More shockingly, Tom Arnold is engineering a comeback with three of his own. Read More...

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