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Ron HowardSure, we all want another installment of Jason Bourne. A fourth film is being written as we speak. But who says every spy movie has to star Bourne or his aging rival, James Bond? After all, "Bourne" creator Robert Ludlum penned a ton of exciting espionage thrillers, and any one of them would make for a good time at the movies. Luckily, Universal agrees. The studio is dusting off their Ludlum collection to bring us "The Parsifal Mosiac" with Ron Howard in place to direct, Varietyreports.

If adapted right by David Self ("Road to Perdition"), "Mosiac" holds the promise of an agents and assassins-fueled thrill ride. The story follows a tormented U.S. spy named Michael Havelock. He loves fellow spy Jenna Karasova, who is executed after being uncovered as a KGB double agent. Haunted by the tragedy, Havelock abandons his life of espionage and tries to go civilian. Things are going fine until he encounters Jenna again while kicking around Europe. Cue the chase, explosions, action sequences and double crossing. Read More...

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David CronenbergIt's a happy day for film fans when the brilliant David Cronenberg announces his next project -- and this time, the shock value comes not from a disintegrating Jeff Goldblum or a naked Viggo Mortensen, but because it's bizarrely normal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's in talks to direct "The Matarese Circle," a big-screen adaptation of Robert Ludlum's 1979 novel. Denzel Washington is attached to star.

The Cold War-era novel centers around two rival intelligence agents, one American and one Soviet, who uncover the existence of the Matarese Dynasty, a group of criminals who have infiltrated the highest levels of the world's government. The two agents find themselves working together in an unlikely alliance to dismantle and destroy the group's conspiracy, while being hunted down by their own agencies. Read More...

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