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Al Pacino in 'Righteous Kill'FROM MTV.COM: Meet Tom "Turk" Cowan (Robert De Niro). Turk loves his job. He loves the way it allows him to combine his fiercest passion with his favorite activity. "I hate scumbags," he says. "And I like killing people."

Turk is a cop, and a hothead, and over the course of his 30 years as a detective with the NYPD, he and his genial, wisecracking partner, David "Rooster" Fisk (Al Pacino), have put away a lot of scumbags. Lately, though, it appears that Turk has been freelancing, too. We know this from the very beginning of "Righteous Kill," because the movie opens with a videotaped interrogation (which also serves as narration for the rest of the picture) in which Turk, looking straight into the camera, confesses to doing a number of very bad things. Read More On

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Poor Brian Williams. Anyone who has the good fortune to interview folks on a regular basis can sympathize with the dozens of awkward silences in the below chat. It's not Brian's fault. He's smooth and quick and funny but he's saddled with an impossible task: making one of the great TV interview coups (Pacino AND DeNiro together for the first time!) kinda watchable. Of course Pacino is a famously difficult interview. DeNiro is notorious as perhaps the worst. And by the way it's actually 32 mostly excruciating minutes. I watched all of it. Can you?

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T-minus 24 hours until Robert DeNiro reunites on the big screen with Al Pacino in "Righteous Kill" (good luck with those comparisons to "Heat," gentlemen). Sure everyone's talking about the two headliners in this one but let's not forget about Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson who also appears in the flick. We chatted with 50 way back in January in Sundance about the film and he told us all about his extracurricular fun with DeNiro on a gun range. Of course we had to ask who the better shot was. And of course 50 answered as you might expect him to.

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It can't be anywhere in the league "Heat" but let's hope it's at least a little better than say, "Showtime," alright? Yes, DeNiro and Pacino are at it again, and this time they've brought 50 Cent along for the ride. The cop flick (you were expecting a musical comedy?) opens September 12. In the meantime take a gander at the poster.

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