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Muppets 2

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ricky Gervais is now in talks to take over as the lead in "The Muppets" sequel from Jason Segel.

Also, Eddie Redmayne tastes the drops of "Jupiter" and "Django Unchained" could be even longer in today's Dailies!


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Ah, Ricky Gervais. It seems like there's not enough words to describe him, but we're also rendered speechless when we think of his antics as a two-time Golden Globe host and the star of the original "Office." Currently, Gervais is filming "Idiot Abroad" specials with producer Karl Pilkington and actor Warwick Davis, who works with Gervais on "Life's Too Short."

"Idiot Abroad" stars Pilkington who reluctantly travels anywhere Gervais and Stephen Merchant make him—as they stay in the comforts of London and monitor his journey. The second season, titled "Bucket List," premiered in January and shows Pilkington crossing off once-in-a-lifetime opportunities; it's just been nominated for a BAFTA.

Also in April 25, 2012's Twitter-Wood, Rainn Wilson gets excited about "The Raven," Eliza Dushku is on the set of "Leap Year," and more.


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The 2012 Golden Globes have come and gone, and unfortunately, they did little else besides that.

If you asked most people to recount their favorite moments from Sunday's telecast, you'll certainly hear about Seth Rogen's poorly-timed erection or the challenge Madonna extended to Ricky Gervais. (We would have run too.) But aside from one or two memorable surprises, the Golden Globes lived up to their reputation and did little else.

Gervais returned to host the show after his performance at last year's honors stirred the kind of controversy that the historically mild award show desperately need. Predictably, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association wanted Gervais back, but the Ricky we got was far more reserved than what we saw last year.


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Let's not pretend that Rickey Gervais was his old, flame-throwing self on Sunday night at the 2012 Golden Globes. He left his scorching commentary, vicious jokes and devil-may-care hilariousness in 2011, and instead delivered a funny performance that left most feathers unruffled, all egos in tact, and many viewers disappointed.

Yet Gervais on a so-so night still makes for an entertaining experience. He called Colin Firth, arguably the nicest man on Earth, a racist puppy puncher. He compared the Globes to Kim Kardashian: loud, trashy, drunk and easily bought. He questioned Justin Bieber's manhood. Good times, all.

Over at MTV Movies, Ryan J. Downey counted down the host's finest moments of the evening. So check out his full list of Rickey Gervais' best Golden Globes jokes now!

And check out the 2012 Golden Globes winners!

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Django UnchainedFile this under unexpected and potentially amazing: Quentin Tarantino wants Will Smith to star in his next film, "Django Unchained."

The Hollywood Reporter and Variety both report that Smith has an informal offer to star in Tarantino's upcoming Western as a slave-turned-bounty hunter looking to save his wife from a slavedriver. Nothing's official yet, though Tarantino reportedly wrote the screenplay with Smith in mind. Beyond Smith, it looks like "Inglourious Basterds" star Chrisoph Waltz is indeed closing in on the project as Dr. King Schultz, the film's other lead, while Samuel L. Jackson is also circling the role of Stephen, the man servant of the chief antagonist.

Whether or not Smith signs for "Django," there's plenty of other casting news for us to chew on. After the jump, find out which "X-Men: First Class" star is on board for Danny Boyle's latest, who's joining the cast of "Powers" and more.


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Ricky Gervais and Will ArnettDunder Mifflin's Scranton branch is about to lose its fearless leader, and the men who would replace Michael Scott are lining up in droves.

Steve Carell's departure from "The Office" is just a few weeks away, and while we wait to see if he's replaced by a pre-existing colleague or a newcomer, we can at least add a couple of new names to the speculation pile: according to Entertainment Weekly, original "Office" star Ricky Gervais and "Arrested Development" favorite Will Arnett are coming to Scranton.

Gervais and Arnett are slated to appear in the one-hour season finale this May, arriving a few weeks after Carell makes his exit. There's no word on whether or not Gervais and Arnett might cross over with the previously announced Will Ferrell, but a blogger can certainly dream.


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Ricky GervaisDespite all his best efforts, Ricky Gervais claims that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has asked him back to host next year's Golden Globes. It seems as though every year Gervais does everything within his power to host a show that will upset the HPFA, yet when the Globes end up getting great ratings, he is just asked back for more. This year during his hosting gig he directly addressed the fact that he probably wouldn't get asked back, but it looks like the week's worth of coverage following his inflammatory jokes and great ratings convinced the HPFA otherwise.

"Organisers asked me to consider a third year. I don’t think I should," Gervais wrote on his website. "I don’t know what I could do better. I certainly couldn’t get more press for them, that’s for sure. You know me. Two seasons is enough."

Well, we sure can think of three good reasons why Gervais should come back for a third time, and we hope he takes them to heart. If the HPFA continues to ask for Gervais's abrasive brand of humor, than he should definitely be willing to dish it out! Read More...

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It's pretty exciting for a young (busy) actor like James Franco to be asked to host the Oscars, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily going to look to his elders for advice. Well, at least not when his elder is Ricky Gervais. When MTV News caught up with Franco at the Sundance Film Festival, we asked if he was taking pointers from Gervais' controversial hosting gig at the Golden Globes.

"I haven't really read any of the reviews, but my sense is that he was not really winning in that room," Franco told us. "People were asking me, like, 'Are you going look at Ricky as a model for how you're going to host?' and I'm just not going to take too much from Ricky."

Franco went on to add that, even though the folks attending the Globes might not have been big fans of Gervais' hosting style, he knew plenty of people his own age who loved it.


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Christian Bale

The 68th Annual Golden Globes are a wrap, folks!

And in case you missed our awesome LIVE BLOG coverage (nice job, Katie!), here's what went down. Ricky Gervais rocked the hosting duties. No surprise there. Robert Downey Jr. said he'd "like to give it" to all five nominees for Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, and we're pretty sure he wasn't talking about the award.

Similarly unsurprising: Colin Firth won Best Actor in a Motion Picture - Drama, Natalie Portman cinched Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for "Black Swan," Matt Damon presented Robert De Niro with the Cecil B. DeMille Award (yeah, that was announced beforehand), Christian Bale and Melissa Leo scored victories for Best Supporting Actor and Best Supporting Actress for their turns in "The Fighter," "Toy Story 3" prevailed in the Best Animated Motion Picture category, and Aaron Sorkin and "The Social Network" claimed gold for Best Screenplay and Best Motion Picture - Drama. Read More...

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Emily BluntThe list of "The Muppets" movie's cameo appearances might soon outnumber the list of actual Muppets in the film. The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Emily Blunt and Ricky Gervais are the latest celebrities to sign on to the film, though their roles are being kept under wraps. Sounds like the Muppets might be going on a trip across the pond.

Gervais and Blunt join the already extensive list of confirmed cameos including Zach Galifianakis, Jack Black, Alan Arkin, Billy Crystal and Jean-Claude Van Damme, as well the rumored Lady Gaga, Danny Trejo, John Krasinski, Ed Helms and Sean Penn. Read More...

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