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Rick BakerSitting down with legendary make-up whiz Rick Baker is a joy on multiple levels; one of them is simply because he's refreshingly honest enough to raise a bit of a ruckus when he thinks he's getting screwed.

"When my parents died, that made it clear in my mind that there's definitely an end, and it's not that far away," explained the 57-year-old, who finished his work on "The Wolf Man" with Benicio del Toro two weeks ago, and spoke to us at Comic-Con about the film. "I don't want to be doing movies I don't want to be doing: I only take films I want to take…it has to be something I really want to do." Read More...

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- I thought you were dead! "Half…." Video showing Two-Face / Harvey Dent pops up online. "The Dark Knight" continues to be the one movie that can't come soon enough. (Why So Serious)

- James Cameron, Joe Dante, Jon Favreau, Rick Baker, Frank Darabont and others pay tribute to Stan Winston. (AICN)

- Sam Raimi to direct "The Given Day," Dennis Lehane ("Mystic River") novel about post WWI Boston. (Variety)

- Just what in the heck is "Hulk" director Louis Leterrier's new film "Strays" all about? AICN investigates. (AICN)

- Practice your parkour. "District 14" coming to theaters. (/film)

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