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What would you do if you saw your best friend's wife making out with Channing Tatum (you know, besides scream "Yo Joe!" as you hit him with a pile-driver to the back)? That's the question facing Vince Vaughn in the Ron Howard-directed comedy "The Dilemma," in theaters this Friday, January 14.

In the film, Vaughn and Kevin James play Ronny and Nick, respectively, pals and business partners in an auto design firm. Just as things are starting to take off for them professionally (they land a shot at a project that would make their firm famous) and personally (Ronny decides to propose to his girlfriend Beth, played by Jennifer Connelly) something happens that threatens to ruin it all: Ronny spots Nick's wife Geneva (Winona Ryder) hooking up with a tattooed miscreant (Tatum). As you may have guessed, Ronny finds himself with quite the dilemma: to tell or not to tell? Watch three clips from the film below.


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Jennifer Aniston at the PCAsYou know you've had a pretty painful-to-watch awards show when Kristen Stewart's acceptance speech doesn't make the list of most awkward moments. Last night's People's Choice Awards had plenty of cringe-worthy moments, and since half of the awards given out weren't even showed during the televised show, we feel like we could have gotten away with waiting until the winners were released online last night and been fine with it.

The show started out on the wrong foot, with the red carpet hosts not recognizing stars like Cory Monteith, Maggie Q and Shane West while they were interviewing them. Things only got worse when Queen Latifah took to the stage as host, and it all went downhill from there. Hit the jump to see our picks for the five most awkward moments from last night's awards show. Read More...

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Did you tune in last night for the 36th Annual People's Choice Awards? If you didn't then you missed a pretty funny "Twilight" send-up. Show host Queen Latifah was inserted into Robert Pattinson's forest break-up scene from "New Moon," replacing Kristen Stewart. Instead of sharing a touching moment, Latifah uses the time to negotiate an awards show appearance with the sparkly vampire. When that doesn't pan out and Pattinson disappears, the pop star shrugs and says "I'll just get the werewolf to do the show."

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Queen LatifahDisney may have given up on a physical therapist Cinderella, but Fox Searchlight didn't, and now Queen Latifah will be putting on the nurse's scrubs and hoping for romance in "Just Wright."

According to Variety, the modern day fairytale centers on a physical therapist who is assigned to help a star basketball player recover from an injury. Naturally, with all that close contact, she falls in love with him. Hey, they don't call it physical therapy for nothing. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Read More...

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Zac Efron and Brittany Snow in 'Hairspray'First it was a movie. Then it became a musical. Then, it became a movie based on a musical. Now, according to Queen Latifah, “Hairspray” is on its way to becoming a sequel.

“I got a secret e-mail about that recently,” the Queen has revealed to us, insisting that her character of Motormouth Maybelle is in for a comeback alongside co-stars John Travolta, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes and others.

“I got an e-mail from people connected to the last movie,” the Oscar-nominated actress/hip-hop legend added. “It said: ‘Keep your ears peeled.’”

Based on John Waters’ 1988 cult classic, 2007’s hit musical told the story of a pleasantly plump teenager battling racism, an evil local Mom, and an undeniable desire to simply dance. A sequel would not only seem to necessitate a post-civil rights plotline, but also a bunch of brand-new songs as catchy as “Good Morning Baltimore” and “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Read More...

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