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We recently brought you news about "Lord of the Rings" star Elijah Wood headlining a remake of William Lustig's sleazy horror classic, "Maniac." It did seem strange that the sweet and gentle Frodo would be playing a perverse psychopath hunting women in his spare time, but we were — dare we say — kind of excited to see how he'd pull it off.

Alexandre Aja ("Piranha," "Haute Tension") is producing the remake that finds Wood as a creepy killer working at an antique mannequin shop (of course). He hunts for his victims through the Internet, and like the original character Frank, has massive mommy issues. The Daily Mail grabbed some stabby snaps of the actor in action (his victim is played by Genevieve Alexandra), so click on over to see Wood get his "Maniac" on.

Elijah Wood goes crazy in The Office Guest!

We sliced our way through this week's horror news so you didn't have to. No one wants that kind of mess on their hands. Click through for more horror bites!


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New York Comic ConIt was wild times indeed this past weekend at New York's Javits Center, where fanboys and fangirls -- many of them dressed like Chewbaccas, Predators, Princess Leias, Super Marios and N'avi warriors -- showed up in droves of thousands to geek out about comics, movies, TV and anime at New York Comic Con 2010. I was there with the rest of the MTV News crew to enjoy it in all of it's costume-clad splendor... and to interview as many actors, directors and comics masterminds as possible.

In case you found yourself occupied by football or Division Series baseball, or just simply forgot to check MTV Movies Blog this weekend (for shame), here's a little recap of what you missed and what else we've got coming down the pike from NYCC 2010. Read More...

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When studio execs green light a movie like "Predators," they're usually not thinking of it as a one-off; they've got franchise on the mind... which is why it was no surprise that the ending of this summer's man-vs.-alien reboot left the door wide freaking open for a sequel (or sequels).

"I think it's done well enough to justify [a sequel] for sure," star Adrien Brody told MTV News while promoting the movie's DVD release at New York Comic Con. It would seem that it has. The film cost a reported $45 million to make, and raked in $52.9 million domestically and $125 mil worldwide.

"I think the goal initially was to make a film that is worthy of [a franchise]," Brody said. "The film is even structured that way... to kick in for another one. I'd be excited. I'd be excited to do it. I think that was part of the allure." Read More...

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If you felt like the only thing missing from this summer's well-received "Predators" was a cameo by the definitive kicker of dread-locked-alien behind, one Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're not alone.

While promoting the "Predators" DVD release at New York Comic Con, Adrien Brody -- the man who did a stellar job assuming Arnie's mantel as premier alien destroyer -- told MTV News that he also felt there was a distinct lack of Schwarzenegger in the franchise reboot.

"I was hoping he would be in this film," Brody said. "It would have been great. I really was hoping." As you may have guessed, Schwarzenegger was a bit busy being governor of California, so that never happened. Read More...

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I'll admit, I still haven't seen "Predators" yet. A vacation last week got in the way and I was just too jet-lagged for weekend catch-up. It looks marvelously entertaining though, a fun action/sci-fi adventure with a solid cast and big, mean aliens. And I hear it redeems a franchise that was sullied by the one-two punch of "Aliens Vs. Predator" and "AvP: Requiem."

It's inevitable that sequel talk will build momentum in the coming months. The not-huge budget has already been surpassed in worldwide ticket sales, not even a full week after release, and the franchise still has a lot of fans. Fans who won't have to wait however long for their sequel fix. Why? There's a comic! "Predators: Preserve the Game" hit stores yesterday, an officially licensed sequel to the movie from Dark Horse. You can check out the cool cover art after the jump, along with a brief -- spoiler-y, for those who haven't seen the movie -- synopsis. If you CLICK on the cover it'll send you over to our exclusive gallery, giving you a glimpse at the first few pages of the follow-up story! Read More...


Over the weekend, as fans flocked to see "Predators," a minor controversy cropped up on the web as moviegoers noticed a discrepancy between the film's drool-worthy trailer and its theatrical release. As the folks over at i09 put it, "The coolest, holy sh---iest, moment in the trailers was this one. Adrien Brody's know-it-all, ass-kicking merc Royce gets a full-body temporary tattoo, courtesy of a buttload of Predator gunsights."

But in that scene in the movie itself, Royce is tagged with just a single laser sight. So what happened? MTV News actually put this exact question to 'Predators' Robert Rodriguez a few weeks ago.

The answer is that he needed a shot that would "crystallize the idea" of the humans being stalked by the predators and so filmed a scene specifically for the trailer. Read More...

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Despicable Me1. "Despicable Me" ($60.1 million)
2. "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" ($33.4 million)
3. "Predators" ($25.3 million)
4. "Toy Story 3" ($22 million)
5. "The Last Airbender" ($17.2 million)

"The Dark Knight" and the "Iron Man" franchise have established that superheroes are back in business when it comes to box office success — but don't be so foolish as to discount the supervillains, as bad guy centric family film "Despicable Me" easily won first place this weekend, nearly doubling the total of its closest competitor, "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse." Read More...

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Predators1. "Despicable Me" ($21.7 million)
2. "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" ($11 million)
3. "Predators" ($10.5 million)
4. "Toy Story 3" ($6.7 million)
5. "The Last Airbender" ($5.2 million)

Repelling name aside, it seems that moviegoers are more than happy to embrace "Despicable Me," Universal's 3-D animated family film that easily took first place this weekend over producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's incoming "Predators." Read More...

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PredatorsSecond only to "Inception," producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimrod Antal's "Predators" is at the very top of movies I've anxiously awaited all year long. Heck, it feels like I've been waiting for "Predators" for considerably longer than a year. Regardless, the Adrien Brody-starring reboot hits theaters today, with many reviews praising the film as a worthy successor to the original "Predator" thanks to its fast pace and healthy heaping of violence. What it doesn't do, according to MTV's very own Kurt Loder, is make any sense.

"'Predators' is a B movie that knows its job, and does it. Which means, among other things, that making sense is not on its to-do list," Loder writes in his review of the film. Though sense might be in short supply, Loder acknowledges that this isn't necessarily a problem. "The movie remains boldly nonsensical throughout — would we have it any other way?"

As long as there's plenty of action, memorable characters and pulse-pounding adrenaline throughout, "Predators" is going to be a success in my book, sense be damned. Check out Loder's full review on for yourself, and if you've seen "Predators," let us know what you thought of it in the comments section!


Getting "Predators" into theaters wasn't easy — just ask Robert Rodriguez, who wrote his first draft of the screenplay in the early 1990s. Although the script never made it into production, the folks at 20th Century Fox turned to Rodriguez once again when the idea for a new "Predator" yarn came about. With gritty films like "Sin City" and "Grindhouse" under his belt, Rodriguez had plenty of new experience to bring to the table with "Predators" — but even then, he still needed a pair of fresh eyes on the material.

"It's almost like there's three movies in there," Rodriguez told MTV News about developing the plot of "Predators." "You could have split it up into three pictures. I didn't even know what to do with it, because I'd worked on it so long ago. I worked on it so long — about a year — that it was always tough to crack. I needed fresh eyes on it."

Those fresh eyes came in form of director Nimrod Antal, who joined the "Predators" project and offered his own unique take on the material. Read More...

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