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Possession Poster

Few people know how to do on-screen demonic possession quite like the master of horror Sam Raimi, and his latest producer's credit seems poised to freak us out in the best way possible.

As part of our lead-up to Comic-Con, we have an exclusive look at a new poster from Sam Raimi's "The Possession."

Check out the full poster after the jump!


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Twilight PosterOur good friends over at Cinematical have premiered the final "Twilight" poster. (Click to see the full, hi-res version).

It’s dark, it’s romantic, it’s decidedly reminiscent of the first poster, not that surprising, perhaps, given that photographer Joey Lawrence promised MTV that his creations would continue to focus on Rob and Kristen. Let's be honest, it’s probably going to someday wind up on your wall. Read More...

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We were on the set when Fall Out Boy mixed up with Seth Green in full Amish regalia and now we're here with your first look at the sex comedy (at least we hope it's a sex comedy with a title like this) that sees fit to give James Marsden "and..." status. You've made it, James!

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It can't be anywhere in the league "Heat" but let's hope it's at least a little better than say, "Showtime," alright? Yes, DeNiro and Pacino are at it again, and this time they've brought 50 Cent along for the ride. The cop flick (you were expecting a musical comedy?) opens September 12. In the meantime take a gander at the poster.

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Like Edward Cullen eyeballing a deer in the middle of the woods, you can be forgiven if you drool a bit while looking at the first official "Twilight" poster. It's an MTV exclusive, it's a thing of beauty, and it was photographed by 18-year-old wunderkind Joey Lawrence.

You can read our interview with Joey over on the MTV Movies page, but here's an extra-juicy bit of news: Lawrence has signed on to shoot all the posters for "Twilight." When I was on the set recently, virtually everyone I spoke with brought up plans for sequels, and if those dreams come true Joey would likely return as well. (Click the poster for the high-rez version!)


"Yeah," he told us recently, swinging by our Santa Monica offices. "I'll be doing all the next movies." Read More...

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