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By Craig Flaster

Peter Facinelli became a young adult heartthrob with his role as Carlisle Cullen in "The Twilight Saga," but now is adding an unexpected twist to his resume: comic book creator.

"I can't believe that I actually have a comic book that I created out there now," said Facinelli about his comic, "Protocol: Orphans."

The series follows the exploits of orphans who have been taken by the government and trained as part of a special program to have superhuman-like abilities.

Facinelli's love affair with comic books began at an early age, as he followed the adventures of a fellow Peter: Peter Parker. "I grew up reading "Spider-Man," he said. "He was from Queens, I was from Queens. His name's Peter, my name's Peter....we had a lot of similarities."



The death of entertainment icon Dick Clark rocked us here at MTV yesterday. Clark brightened the hearts of all whenever he took over the small screens in our homes. With his boyish charm and lovable personality he was often referred to as the world's oldest teenager.

But age caught up with the actor and radio personality as he suffered from a multitude of illnesses since 2004. His passing, however, does not mean he will be forgotten. The man behind "American Bandstand" and "Rockin' Eve" will live on in the hearts of everyone with an interest in entertainment—especially his protege Ryan Seacrest.

Seacrest was far from the only celebrity who took to Twitter to express his feelings about Clark's death. April 19, 2012's Twitter-Wood brings you words about the legend from Mariah Carey, Seth Green, Alyssa Milano and more.

As Neil Patrick Harris tweeted: "For ever, Dick Clark... So long."


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Forget the Volturi. In "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli's screenwriting debut, "Loosies," the actor's traded in villainous vamps for a more real (albeit, less toothy) foe: NYPD's finest. Facinelli plays Bobby, a charismatic pickpocket who roams the New York City subway looking for hapless marks while alluding the cop whose badge he pilfered. The script took Facinelli only three weeks to write, but seven years to bring to the big-screen, giving him plenty of time to prepare—including mastering his character's career skills.

"I worked with a magician. I tried to keep it all on the up and up," Facinelli told MTV News when asked if he consulted any real-life lifters for authenticity. "His forte was pickpocketing, so he taught me how to swipe watches. It's very much a distraction. You distract them in one area and go for the other area. And then I just practiced on crew members."


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It's not easy to find love in the city. Christy Carlson Romano, formerly known as Kim Possible and Ren on "Even Stevens," seems poised to learn that the hard way in this exclusive clip from "Loosies."

In the film, Peter Facinelli, who also wrote the script, stars as Bobby, a pick pocket who ends up in over his head. At a restaurant with Romano's character, Carmen, Bobby charms the young woman he supposedly helped with a lost wallet. When the bill comes and the credit card comes back denied, it looks like Bobby's luck may be running out.


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Do Taylor Lautner's friends call him "Sharkboy"? Is Robert Pattinson keeping up with the Kardashians? Has Peter Facinelli ever killed a man? These are the burning questions that MTV News has bravely asked the cast of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1" in the latest edition of the universally beloved worldwide phenomenon known as The Yes/No Show.

Cast favorites like Pattinson, Lautner, Elizabeth Reaser, Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart all participated in what has got to be our biggest contestant pool to date. So does Lautner only eat Slim Jims and drink Fanta? Has Pattinson seen Kristen Stewart's early film "Zathura"? Can Rathbone name two Justin Bieber songs? Find out by watching the above video, and let us know what you think of the "Breaking Dawn" special in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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There was not shortage of star power at last night's Golden Globe Awards, and MTV News' Josh Horowitz was on the red carpet to chat 'em up, get their thoughts on the night... and probe them for scoop on their upcoming projects.

Robert Pattinson was on hand and feeling very chatty, talking about landing the lead role in David Cronenberg's "Cosmopolis," taking a "big step" forward with the adaptation of "Water for Elephants" and giving "Twilight" fans a thrill with that revealing new "Breaking Dawn" photo.

Meanwhile, Zac Efron talked about his new haircut, his role in the upcoming flick "The Lucky Ones," and starring opposite Michelle Pfeiffer in the ensemble romantic comedy "New Year's Eve." Emma Stone dished on the "Spider-Man" reboot and the mechanical contraptions Spidey will use to sling his webs. And Olivia Wilde revealed that she was hiding Justin Bieber underneath her dress (sadly, when we checked, we discovered she was joking). Read More...

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Breaking DawnIf you don't follow comedian Neil Hamburger's (alter ego of Gregg Turkington) Twitter account you've missed a golden month in the age of tweet humor. He's currently coming off a marathon of arbitrarily ripping into Axe body spray for insufficiently observing Tom Bosley's death, and yesterday he and Tim Heidecker launched a nuclear barrage of fake allegations against "Yogi Bear."

In other realms of the Twittersphere, NASA's press conference about a new form of life captured many posters' imaginations, including those of Michael Ian Black and John August, who each reacted to the announcement differently. Find out what they said and who's about to get down to work on "Breaking Dawn."

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 2, 2010. Read More...

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Katy PerryStephen Fry surprised some Apple loyalists today by heaping praise on top of Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 devices. He's been a vocal supporter of Apple products in the past, but he offered an explanation of his open-minded position on Twitter.

In other tweets, everyone seemed to have a picture with someone else to share in the last 24 hours. "Weird Al" Yankovic arm wrestled with Fred Willard; Selena Gomez hit up a Katy Perry show; Ludacris went cruising with Tyrese Gibson; and Hugh Hefner hosted "Social Network" producer Dana Brunetti at the Playboy Mansion for a screening. Links to the pics await you after the jump along with Edgar Wright remembering the late Solomon Burke.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for October 11, 2010. Read More...

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Pastor Terry Jones has been on the receiving end of numerous complaints in Twitter-Wood today, thanks to Quran-burning event he's decided hold with his Florida-based church. Tweeters also have not overlooked the Monty Python member he happens to share a name with.

In "Twilight"-related posting, Peter Facinelli announced his return to costume fittings for "Breaking Dawn." Two of his cast-mates, meanwhile, were focused on Justin Chon's new hairstyle. You can find out what that looks like after the jump, as well as where "Transformers 3" is headed and how much fan mail "Weird Al" Yankovic has saved from the 1980s.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for September 8, 2010. Read More...

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The saga of Ronald Reagan is certainly a fascinating one. The A-list actor went on to have a pretty okay career in politics. You know, just the 40th president of the United States. No big deal.

The biopic, which carries a $30 million budget and is targeted for a late 2011 release, will be helmed by "Malice" director Jonas McCord, The Hollywood Reporter reveals. He also wrote the script, working from a pair of optioned biographies by bestselling author Paul Kengor: "The Crusader" and "God and Ronald Reagan." McCord admits to not being a fan of the former president, but being intrigued by the project as he learned more about Reagan's early life. The story will open on the 1981 assassination attempt, telling the Gipper's life story through "flashbacks and flash-forwards."

It's all going to hinge on who plays Reagan, of course. And as you might expect, we have a few suggestions... Read More...

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