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Ethan Hunt's mission, should he choose to accept it, is to go rogue.

The latest -- and most insightful -- "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" trailer hit the web courtesy of Yahoo! Trailers. And, for those of us who are excited for this movie for its whole cast instead of just Tom Cruise's continued participation, this teaser also gives the best look at the IMF team yet. It looks like they're going to have some interesting chemistry.


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Total RecallColin Farrell isn't exactly a dead-ringer for Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he'll do his best when he slips into the ex-Governator's shoes for Len Wiseman's developing "Total Recall" remake. And he won't be the only actor following in the footsteps of a sci-fi icon.

Deadline reports that the search is on for the two leading lady roles in "Total Recall." One is Lori, the beautiful wife turned psychotic traitor played famously by Sharon Stone in the 1990 original. The other is Melina, our hero's cohort in attempting to thwart the great Martian conspiracy, played by Rachel Ticotin.

Several notable and lesser known actors are lining up for these characters. Find out who they are past the jump!


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Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3Just yesterday, Christopher Nolan kindly asked fans to stop referring to his next flick as "Batman 3" and instead to address it by its proper name, "The Dark Knight Rises." Now, Tom Cruise has followed suit, revealing that his fourth impossible "Mission" as superspy Ethan Hunt won't be boring old "Mission: Impossible 4" or "Mission: Impossible IV" or "The Untitled Fourth Installment in the Mission: Impossible Franchise." Instead, it will bear the official title of "Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol."

According to Reuters, Cruise, director Brad Bird, and co-stars Jeremy Renner and Paula Patton made the announcement at a press conference in Dubai, where "Mission Impossible 4," er, "Ghost Protocol" is currently filming. Read More...

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The fourth "Mission: Impossible" movie -- which will not be called "Mission: Impossible 4" -- has been building more and more momentum over the past few months. Tom Cruise is coming back as Ethan Hunt. J.J. Abrams is producing. Pixar vet Brad Bird is directing and Jeremy Renner has been confirmed as a new young agent and potential future torch-bearer for the series.

Now its been confirmed that Paula Patton will join the cast as well, as the female lead. The report, which surfaced on Wednesday night from Deadline, reveals that the "Precious" star will play a young operative who works with Cruise's IMF agent. They also mention that Abrams and Cruise have "always" considered the forthcoming movie to be a franchise reboot, which I don't recall reading before. Patton beat our Kristen Kreuk and and Lauren German for the role.

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This weekend, audiences will get their first shot at checking out shoe-in Oscar contender "Precious," director Lee Daniels' adaptation of the book "Push: A Novel," by Sapphire. I checked it out at Sundance in January. To say that I "loved it" isn't quite accurate; it's a challenging film, with lots of craft behind a wholly depressing and frequently horrifying story. It deserves the accolades it's getting, but it's not the kind of movie you really fall in love with.

That said, there are some stellar performances. I thought the real standout was Mo'Nique, who plays the abusive mother of the protagonist, teenage pregnant girl Precious (Gabourey Sidibe). Sidibe has also been getting plenty of praise (the word "Oscar" keeps popping up in reference to her), as has pop icon Mariah Carey, who plays a small but vital role as a social worker. MTV reporter Akshay Bhansali recently caught up with Sapphire and Paula Patton (she plays a teacher at a progressive school in the film), and they were more than happy to talk about Carey's and Sidibe's contributions. Read More...

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