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"Prince Avalanche," the new movie from director David Gordon Green and starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, is not like any other film out this summer. First of all, two characters take up most of the screen time, and they spent the movie painting stripes on a burnt out highway in central Texas. Yet "Prince Avalanche" is one of the funniest and oddly fascinating movies of the year.

When MTV News sat down with Hirsch to discuss the movie, he revealed that the "project," as Green called it originally, came together in an appropriate unique fashion.

"I was working on a script of my own that I was thinking about trying to make micro-budget style, so I called David, and I asked him a couple of questions about it," Hirsch said. "I hadn't talked to David for years. I've known David for eight years. David calls me back the next day and says, 'Hey, by the way, I'm just putting together this random movie at the last minute.' He didn't even call it a movie. He said 'random project.' He goes, 'Would you maybe want to do it?' "


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"Prince Avalanche," the new movie from writer-director David Gordon Green, follows two road workers, played by Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch, as they repaint a strip of highway after a forest fire ravaged the area. It's a small, quirky comedy that gives Rudd a lot of time to be alone on camera in the wilderness.

When MTV News' Josh Horowitz sat down with Rudd to talk about "Prince Avalanche," the actor said that he doesn't mind being by himself and that — if he's being completely honest — he wishes he had more.

To do what, you might ask?

Frankly, you probably shouldn't ask because that just gives Rudd the opportunity to start talking about his Shake Weight routines... at least that's what we think he's talking about.

"Prince Avalanche" opens in limited release on August 9.

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Prince Avalanche

Before making three films in positioned squarely in the stoner comedy genre, director David Gordon Green specialized in small, idiosyncratic movies like "George Washington" and "All the Real Girls."

His latest film, "Prince Avalanche," which stars Emile Hirsch and Paul Rudd, is Green's attempt to strip away the excess of his last three theatrical efforts and get back to the basics of what he likes to do.

The first trailer for "Prince Avalanche" gives you a sense of the humor at work in the Sundance hit and makes us incredibly excited for the film's release on August 9.

Watch the first trailer for "Prince Avalanche" after the jump!


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Obviously the most exciting thing about "Anchorman: The Legend Continues" is the fact that Harrison Ford has come on board to play a "legendary newsman." But, according to him, he doesn't have a very significant role in the movie.

"It'd be easy enough to cut out. I don't think it's critical," he told Entertainment Tonight, adding that his experience on set was "bizarre." "They weren't all in the scene that I did," he said. "It was just what's his name [Will Ferrell] and the applesauce girl [Christina Applegate]." Yes, really, there's video to prove this went down.


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"Admission," the romantic comedy that deals with the stressful world of getting into college, has a premise that makes you wonder why no one has attempted it before. It was the more absurd elements of that process that attracted Tina Fey to the project, as she told MTV News when we sat down with her and co-star Paul Rudd.

"I like the idea that it's set in this world of college admission that is so stressful for so many people," Fey said. "I thought that was a crazy and interesting world."

What makes "Admission" so relatable is that its "crazy and interesting world" is one that most people experience at some time, so naturally MTV News' Josh Horowitz wanted to know how Fey's and Rudd's college experiences went.


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By Tara Fowler

I know what you're thinking: There probably isn't much you don't know about college admissions. Or at least that's what I believed. But since this weekend sees the opening of Tina Fey and Paul Rudd's "Admission" (her first movie since "30 Rock," you guys!), I decided to look into the dreaded process to see if it's changed any in the five years since I went through it.

Check out what I learned below! Fair warning: Chances are, your admissions officer won't be Tina Fey.


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Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, the stars of the new comedy "Admission," know their way around the galaxy far, far away, so it only seemed appropriate for their interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz that they play a round of F---, Marry, Kill with "Star Wars" characters.

For their answers, both Fey and Rudd were logical and straightforward. You always kill the most evil... or default to Jar Jar. And you marry Boba Fett because he's a working man and bring home that sweet, sweet bounty hunter bacon.

Check out the latest episode of After Hours above!

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Paul Rudd

Super Bowl XLVII is days away, but already the super-sized ads are coming.

This Samsung spot featuring Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and Bob Odenkirk discussing what they can actually say about the Super Bowl without getting sued.

It turns out you can't say much. Check out the full ad below!

We predicted what will happen during the Super Bowl movie ads.

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This is 40

Judd Apatow's latest slice-of-Judd-Apatow's-life comedy, "This Is 40," takes a long hard look at middle-age and asks the question, "What have you been doing in the bathroom for so long?"

The latest trailer for "This Is 40" dropped online today (via Yahoo! Movies) and packs the signature Apatow mixture of toilet humor and heart.

Check it out after the jump!


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America's favorite anchormen have returned to once again get classy, down scotch and make us all double over in laughter. Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and David Koechner reprise their roles in two new teaser trailers to give fans a taste of what we can expect in "Anchorman: The Legend Continues."

The Funny or Die video opens with a voiceover saying, "In the age when the dinosaurs' roar greeted the dawn and apes rode the winged horse across the valley of Eli, there was a lone stranger who offered comfort, wisdom and overly sexual neck massages. It was said that he would one day return. That day has come."

That lone stranger is, of course, Ron Burgundy. "Hey America, did you miss my hot breath in your ear?" he says.


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