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I had the pleasure of chatting with Alan Goldsher last week, the author of upcoming zombie novel "Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion," which is out in stores on June 22. Presented as an oral history, the book charts the career of The Beatles in a world where zombies are (mostly) functioning members of society. Three members of the band are brain-eaters -- Ringo is a human ninja -- which, as you might expect, puts a slightly different spin on the arc of their careers together.

You might have heard the news a couple weeks back that "Paul Is Undead" was optioned for a film adaptation by Double Feature producers Stacey Sher and Michael Shamberg ("Pulp Fiction," "Erin Brockovitch"). Although the project is still in its formative stages, Goldsher was happy to delve into a few details about his hopes for the adaptation and what audiences can expect to see when the movie eventually hits theaters. Read More...

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You might remember the exciting news from a few weeks ago that Alan Goldsher's upcoming novel "Paul Is Undead: The British Zombie Invasion" -- a clever mock-oral history of the zombie Beatles -- had been optioned for a feature film treatment. I immediately reached out for a copy of the book and an interview. Anyone willing to mash The Beatles together with zombies is someone I want to be talking to, and someone you readers should be hearing from.

While the bulk of the time I spent on the phone with Goldsher was focused on The Beatles, we did touch briefly on the follow-up effort that he's in the process of pulling together now. The title of this new book is "Frankenstein Has Left The Building." It's a project that is still in its early stages of life, but Goldsher has a clear vision for joining what he considers to be two highly complementary tales: those of Elvis Presley and Frankenstein's monster. Read More...

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