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FROM MTV SPLASH PAGE: Forget booth babes, could it be that the celebrities are the real posers at Comic-Con? MTV News decided to get to the bottom of this curious dilemma in the special SDCC installment of After Hours: "Geeks or Posers?"

With nerdy stars like Patrick Stewart and Jon Favreau flocking to the convention center, we figured that the five-question quiz would be easy picking for actors of their caliber. Little did we know how few Hollywood leading men and ladies had any idea what manga was, or how most of the world has forgotten the full title of "Superman IV."

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As we reported earlier, Sir Ian McKellen might be following former "The Hobbit" director Guillermo Del Toro on his way out of The Shire. Now, if Hollywood has taught us anything, it's that we should always prepare for the worst -- you never know when a zombie epidemic is going to break out, after all. While the loss of the once and hopefully future Gandalf isn't likely to turn the legions of "Lord of the Rings" fans into mindless, flesh-eating monstrosities, the departure of the man who defined the role of the wise old wizard might very well prove disastrous for the film's future.

But worry not. On the off chance that McKellen decides to bow out, we've come up with a few replacements who might be able pick up the staff, slip on the pointy hat and make sure that "The Hobbit" comes to pass. Hit the jump for more! Read More...

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There's nothing worse than an Internet rumor, but I'll admit that I was kind of hoping this one would turn out to be true. Over the weekend, a story ran on Ain't It Cool News sparking a rumor that Patrick Stewart had joined the cast of the upcoming fourth "Mad Max" movie, "Fury Road." A lot of names have been flying around in connection with the movie and Stewart, speaking to a fan in Australia, said that he'd be working next with "Mad Max" creator George Miller on something that he said is not "Happy Feet 2."

"Fury Road" was of course the obvious assumption, but we decided to find out from a firsthand source before running anything. Stewart's publicist informs us that the rumors are untrue. Simple as that.

Move along people. There's nothing more to see here.

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Harrison FordJust as everyone has an opinion, a favorite meal and a nose — albeit a fake one at times — so too does everyone have a birthday. Even celebrities. Here at Birthday Bash, it’s my mission to salute the fine actors, filmmakers and other Hollywood heroes that are celebrating their special day this week. After all, it’s cheaper than mailing a cake.

July is populated with some of the highest profile celebrity birthdays yet to be featured on Birthday Bash, with this week bringing a trio of faces famous for very different roles. Read More...

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