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Rev your engines, because "Drive Angry" is headed to a video store near you today, and there's nothing you can do to stop it — so it's best to just strap in and enjoy one hell of an awesome ride.

MTV News spoke with director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer in a recent phone conversation about today's release. For those of you who need a quick recap, "Drive Angry" followed Nicolas Cage as a man who escaped from hell to save the life of his murdered daughter's child, and the badass lady, played by Amber Heard, who becomes his trusty sidekick. The film arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D Blu-Ray today, so all your home video options are covered.

After the jump, find out about the special features on the "Drive Angry" release, the chances of a "Drive Angry" sequel, and much more!


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HalloweenWith "Drive Angry" due out on DVD and Blu-Ray Tuesday and "Hellraiser" as the next project on their list, it looks like fans waiting to see director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer's take on the "Halloween" franchise will have to wait a couple more years. But when MTV News caught up with the directing/writing duo to talk the "Drive Angry" DVD release, they said that their planned "Halloween 3" is definitely still on their radar.

Farmer has completed the script already and they are in talks with the Weinstein company to make the movie, but Lussier said the time just hasn't been right to bring the film to production yet.

"We would love it to go through," Lussier said. "We would make that the second somebody said, 'Yes, go make it,' because it's a script that we love and a script we're really passionate about and it's an amazing character and an incredible franchise, and it would just be a great experience for us to go back to the roots."


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HellraiserThe DVD and Blu-Ray release of "Drive Angry" is right around the corner (May 31), but director/writer team Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer are already looking forward to raising another terrifying creature up from hell: the duo, who previously worked together on "My Bloody Valentine," are currently attached to a new "Hellraiser" film.

When MTV News chatted with them recently about the "Drive Angry" DVD (interview forthcoming!), they shared that they are currently in active development with Dimension Films figuring out a way to bring their vision to the big screen. And judging by their complicated description of what their "Hellraiser" actually is -- it isn't a reboot, it isn't an origin story -- that might be easier said than done.

"[The film] sort of defies explanation," Farmer said with a laugh. "But right now it's a really exciting project that delves into the world Clive [Barker] created and then takes it in sort of a couple different directions, and it has some revisitations of the stuff at the same time it shows you some things you haven't seen before."

Lussier expanded on that a little, saying, "Clive's story has taken place in our world, and we're, uhh, I don't know how to explain it other than there are elements of origin, elements of new mixed together."


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"Drive Angry 3D" hit theaters last Friday, and let's make one thing clear right now: you need to see this movie.

You'll have to be a fan of action naturally, and an undying love for star Nic Cage certainly helps as well, but director/co-writer Patrick Lussier proves in the space of two hours that 3-D is still a valuable commodity in its more gimmicky form, the one that throws severed limbs and balls of fire at your face with abandon.

"Drive Angry" isn't just about the gimmick of course, but it is used to great effect in a number of scenes. Lussier took some time out recently to chat with MTV News about designing the film's 3-D effect as a whole as well as singling out some of his favorite moments. Needless to say, there are spoilers ahead.


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Almost immediately after "Halloween II" was released last year, plans for a third installment, to be presented in 3-D, were revealed. The late-summer '09 sequel under-performed and "Halloween 3-D" production stalled out soon after, almost a month later, leaving fans to wonder at the fate of the series.

Fans weren't the only ones left to wonder. "My Bloody Valentine" director Patrick Lussier was announced to helm the flick, replacing Rob Zombie, and he's not sure even now what the status is. He's currently working on "Drive Angry," a Nic Cage-starring 3-D action romp. In an exclusive interview with MTV's Eric Ditzian, Lussier revealed that ""We were ready to go with ['Halloween 3-D'] last year, and then [the studio's] situation changed, and then we weren't." He had more to say as well; check out Eric's full report on

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It's been a bumpy few weeks for the "Halloween" franchise. Director Rob Zombie's sequel released only a few weeks ago, at the end of August. And yet there's already been a sequel confirmation, an announced summer 2010 release and a director secured-- "My Bloody Valentine 3-D" helmer Patrick Lussier. Following on the heels of Bob Weinstein's recent sequel re-confirmation last week, plans seem to have suddenly changed. For better or for worse... you decide.

Weinstein himself put the brakes on things, according to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood (and further confirmed by Lussier to Shock Till You Drop). Apparently, the studio head decided -- wisely, I think -- that things were getting too rushed for a summer '10 release. Lussier is already booked to helm the Nicolas Cage-starring "Drive Angry" and he'll likely keep busy until then promoting the January release of "Valentine." Read More...

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