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Bella's father is going from Team Jacob to Team Save the McGregor Library. Following his reprisal of the character Charlie Swan in this fall's "Twilight," sequel "New Moon," actor Billy Burke will appear in a little, charitable film titled "Highland Park," according to a report in Variety. Shooting is already underway in Michigan, with Danny Glover and Parker Posey starring.

The movie will tell a fictional story about a group of high school faculty members who help save their community library after a teacher (Glover) wins the lottery and uses his winnings for the building's preservation. Although the feature won't be based on a true story, the library in the film is a real one, and it actually does need saving. In fact, proceeds from ticket sales for "Highland Park" will be going to its real-life renovations. Read More...

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'Spring Breakdown'On Friday night, I hit the midnight premiere of the Amy Poehler-Parker Posey-Rachel Dratch comedy "Spring Breakdown" at my personal favorite Sundance theater, the Library. The line to get in was longer than Robert Downey's rap sheet, and 2 drunk dudes behind me kept joking about how they'd definitely get in because they had hard tickets. "I'll give ya a hard ticket," one said, to much laughter from the other. (Watch an exclusive clip from "Spring Breakdown" here.)

Once I got in, I saw several of the stars from the flick sitting in the middle of the crowd. The films at this year's 25th annual fest starts with a short commercial featuring people's past Sundance memories. Read More...

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It seems only fitting that one of our first interviews during our first full day at Sundance would involve Parker Posey, star of countless films that have premiered here at Redford's institution of a film festival. Posey's here to talk about "Spring Breakdown," a high concept comedy co-starring SNL vets Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch (check out the exclusive trailer here). When we got the trio together there was a lot of love in the air. Love for the skiers making their way down the mountain. Love for each other. And most importantly...Jonas brothers love. Well that last one really just came from Amy. Take a look.

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In town for their movie "Spring Breakdown", Sundance veteran Parker Posey and Amy Poehler stopped by our Sundance photo booth today. Those are some pretty snazzy glasses! Click here or on the photo to check out the rest of our growing MTV Sundance photo booth!

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There's a lot cooking here in Park City, UT, with the Sundance film festival offering up a whole splattering of different movie genres. One of those of course is comedy, and in "Spring Breakdown," "SNL" star Amy Poehler, Parker Posey and Amy Dratch serve it up by heading down for -- what else -- spring break.

We've got an exclusive look at this "Park City Midnight Series" flick, so watch the trailer below and then click here to watch three clips from "Spring Breakdown."

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