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After many, many unofficial looks at Darren Aronofsky's upcoming biblical epic, "Noah," our first legitimate preview of the movie may be short, but we'll take it.

The preview comes courtesy of "Entertainment Tonight" (via The Film Stage), who debuted a clip of the trailer, which is supposed to go online at some point today.

The quick look has everything we expect from a Aronofsky-directed bible epic. There's compelling imagery that's often massive (global even) in scale, with just a few peeks at the cast which includes Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Emma Watson.

We'll post the trailer for you over at MTV News as soon as it hits!



Hurricane Sandy has done some major damage to New York City, but it's also played right into director Darren Aronofsky's hand. He's been busy filming his Biblical epic "Noah" in Oyster Bay, New York, and life started paralleling history when production had to dismantle part of Noah's ark in anticipation of the torrential rains that Sandy was dumping on the area.

Star Emma Watson was the one to point out the irony of this situation over Twitter last night, and Aronofsky retweeted her statement on his own account.

"I take it that the irony of a massive storm holding up the production of Noah is not lost @DarrenAronofsky@russellcrowe @MattyLibatique," she tweeted.


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For his biblical epic, "Noah," director Darren Aronofsky has constructed a massive ark to carry away Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, and the rest of the cast in what is sure to be an insane take on the myth.

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Sometimes, when you're working on a movie set with the likes of Russell Crowe and Anthony Hopkins, it helps to have a friend around to freak out with.

Emma Watson and Logan Lerman found that to be very true on the set of "Noah," director Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic, which the pair is currently shooting.

During the MTV First for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," they shared their experiences on the set of "Noah" and their relief to see a familiar face.


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Noah Crowe

Darren Aronofsky's epic retelling of Noah and his ark may not be the version you're used to, but the first official still from "Noah" features a bearded Russell Crowe, looking about as biblical as we expected him to look.

USA Today has the official first look at Crowe as the legendary ship builder, who must collect two of every animal in order to save all life on Earth from the devastation of an oncoming flood.

Check out the full image after the jump!


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Noah Aronofsky

By Meg Malone

Well, the bad news is there's apparently no need to crack a "Jaws"-inspired, "You're gonna need a bigger boat" joke here. The very much good news is that director Darren Aronofsky tweeted a picture yesterday of the under-construction ark for his movie "Noah" and from the looks of it, he's made sure that it'll be giant.

Along with the picture, Aronofsky also tweeted the following message: "I dreamt about this since I was 13. And now it's a reality. Genesis 6:14 #noah." According to the King James Bible, Genesis 6:14 reads: "Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch."


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Anthony Hopkins

When we first heard that Darren Aronofsky was planning on doing an epic retelling of the classic Biblical story of Noah, we though, "Well, it's good to dream big." But it seems as though Aronofsky has not only dreamt big in his ideas, but in his casting. The movie has acquired a list of actors that is impressive across the board, and now it's just added one more.

Anthony Hopkins has joined "Noah" as Methuselah, Aronofsky himself announced today. The director took to Twitter to share the news, tweeting, "i'm honored to be working with the great sir anthony hopkins. we just added him to the stellar cast of #Noah; #methuselahlives." In the Bible, Methuselah is the oldest man in the world (supposedly 969 years old), but he died seven days before the Great Flood.


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Jennifer Connelly

The final role left to be cast in Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic, "Noah," looks like it has gone to longtime front runner Jennifer Connelly.

Connelly has long been discussed as the most likely choice for the role of Noah's wife, and according to the Variety report, producers had sought her for weeks, before offering a deal to Connolly yesterday (June 18).

The actress will star opposite Russell Crowe in the story of the flood that ended the world and a single ship that saved humanity.


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Ray Winstone

Ray Winstone is going from playing one of Snow White's dwarves to portraying a villain of Biblical proportions in Darren Aronofsky's upcoming movie, "Noah."

The "Snow White and the Huntsman" star has been offered the role of the titular character's nemesis in the upcoming project, Deadline reports. Apparently Aronofsky wanted to cast an actor who is of a similar "grit and size" as Russell Crowe's Noah, and we would agree that Winstone fits the bill (even though he, you know, played a dwarf in his last film).

An offer has been put out to Winstone, and negotiations are currently underway to get him on board. If he signs on, he'll join Emma Watson, Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth on the project.


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Emma Watson

Okay, now our belief that Darren Aronofsky was watching Sunday's MTV Movie Awards before casting the younger characters in his take on "Noah" is confirmed. Emma Watson is the latest actress to have her name be attached to the project.

Deadline has learned that Watson is in talks to play Ila, a "young woman who develops a close relationship with Noah's son, Shem." Shem will be played by Douglass Booth, while Logan Lerman is playing Noah's other son, Ham. Considering Lerman and Watson already worked together on "The Perks of Being a Wallflower," we're excited to see her chemistry with Booth on the big screen.


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