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Welcome to Gore Girls! MTV contributor Terri Schwartz doesn't know crap about the horror genre, and she's volunteered to be our Movies Blog guinea pig. She has a good guide too. Fellow contributor Jenni Miller is a bonafide horror enthusiast, and she's willing to walk Terri through her formative experiences with blood, guts, monsters and maniacs. Together, this dynamic duo are horror's own odd couple, THE GORE GIRLS!!! Good luck Terri... you're definitely going to need it.

This week, Gore Girls Jenni and Terri decided to tackle director Kevin Tenney's "Night of the Demons." This 1988 horror flick -- a fertile time for the genre, depending on your tastes -- plays like cautionary tale for those who would rather avoid entanglements with the underworld. On Halloween night, 10 teens decide it would be a good idea to stage a seance in an abandoned funeral parlor which happens to be built on cursed ground. Not. Smart. Let's see what the Gore Girls thought of it.... Read More...


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