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Nick StahlHe may not have been the original John Connor, but up until recently Nick Stahl was the most recent version of mankind's only hope. Now, Christian Bale is the newest "Terminator" star, Thomas Dekker is the kid brooding all over "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," and the "T3” actor has a message for the fans wondering why he...ahem...won't be back.

"I don't care really, to be honest," admitted the 28-year-old actor, at Sundance recently to promote "Sleepwalking" and "Quid Pro Quo," two upcoming indies with decidedly smaller budgets than "Rise of the Machines." "I don't have much interest." Read More...

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'Sleepwalking'Every few years, a film comes along containing a performance far better than the movie as a whole; some characters just deserve to have more interesting things happen to them. I'm thinking of Forrest Whitaker in "Ghost Dog," Paul Giamatti in "Lady in the Water," or Giovanni Ribisi in, well, anything.

I have now seen the Superbowl of such movies, and it is called "Sleepwalking." Read More...

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