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Monsters IncSully and Mike are returning for some more "Monsters, Inc." excitement, but this time they're going to college.

Disney revealed at CinemaCon that they're planning a new movie due out in 2012 called "Monsters University," which will tell the origin story of these two best buds back when they were enemies at the University of Fear. It's the first we've heard of a planned "Monsters, Inc." follow-up since 2008, and will make it Disney's second Pixar film out next year opposite "Brave."

But the news got us thinking: what exactly would be taught at a university that trains monsters to scare young children? Probably a more eclectic group of classes than you'd think. After the jump, we guess what a young creature's class schedule at the University of Fear might look like.


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Monsters Inc-- Long rumored and now finally official, Disney and Pixar have announced "Monsters Inc. 2" with a release date of June 15, 2012. The studios have also confirmed a June 15, 2012 release date for "Brave" starring Reese Witherspoon as an impulsive princess looking to trade in her crown for a bow and arrow. [Variety]

-- Unsurprisingly, "Avatar" has set a new record for first-day Blu-ray sales by selling 1.5 million copies yesterday. [The Hollywood Reporter]

-- Catherine Hardwicke's "The Girl With The Red Riding Hood" has recruited a trio of actors in the form of Max Irons, Julie Christie and Gary Oldman. Amanda Seyfried and Shiloh Fernandez also star. [Deadline] Read More...

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Pete DocterWith Pixar’s “Up” claiming first place at the box office in its second weekend -- it’s just behind “Star Trek” in terms of the highest two-week tally for 2009 -- congratulations are in order for the film’s director, Pete Docter. Instead of kudos, Docter and his next project are making headlines today: a sequel to his first Pixar feature, “Monsters Inc.” Speculative rumors of a “Monsters Inc. 2” have been floating around for awhile, but we're now one step closer to official confirmation thanks to Disney expert Jim Hill.

In his coverage of Licensing International Expo 2009, Hill reports that licensing buyers were told of the sequel, though they were also apparently supposed to keep the news a secret. Of course now that the information has been leaked, along with Docter’s "Up" success, we can likely expect a formal announcement from Pixar very soon. Read More...

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'Monsters, Inc.'They did it with “Toy Story” twice. They’re doing it with “Cars” next. They’ve been rumored to want to do it with “The Incredibles” for years. Pixar is officially in the sequel business these days, with further installments of some of their most popular franchises in the works.

So how come we never hear about “Monsters, Inc. 2”?

“We’ve thought about it,” “Monsters, Inc.” director Pete Docter told MTV News about the possibility for a sequel. “We’ve got a couple ideas.”

In the moment, those ideas are being filtered into a “Monsters, Inc” roller-coaster at the Walt Disney Resorts, which should open in a couple of years. Read More...

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