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Kellan Lutz is cranking up the heat for his next big project. In "Java Heat," the "Twilight" star will play an American agent who must go on an old-fashioned quest to rescue a kidnapped princess in Indonesia.

The princess in question is being held captive by a terrorist, played by Mickey Rourke.

With Lutz taking his biggest action role since the conclusion of "The Twilight Saga," and Rourke being the go-to Hollywood actor for mad men with funny accents, "Java Heat" should be a lethal concoction.

"Java Heat" starring Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke will be in select theaters on May 10 and available on Video On-Demand starting May 13.

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Bradley CooperWith George Clooney off the project, Bradley Cooper is eying to become "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

Variety is reporting that "The Hangover" star is circling the reboot of the 60s TV and film spy franchise. He'd play Napoleon Solo, a member of the United Network Command for Law and Enforcement (U.N.C.L.E.) during the Cold War. Cooper would team up with director Steven Soderbergh for the gig.

Check out the rest of today's casting news after the jump!


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There was a time where the plot for Tarsem Singh's latest flick "Immortals" was under wraps, but that time is no more. The latest trailer for the stylized retelling of Greek mythology lays the story out clearly for the ill-informed.

No question that this is the longest "Immortals" teaser to date, clocking in at two and a half minutes in length. The narrator sets the stage for the battle between humans and the Greek gods: once there was a war in heaven, and the victors called themselves gods and named the losers as titans. Now evil King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke) is trying to release the titans and defeat the gods, and it's up to mortal Theseus (Henry Cavill) to stop him.


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Consider us stoked for Tarsem Singh's latest, "Immortals." Between the first trailer we saw and thecharacter posters that were released that week, the film has all the makings of greatness.

Now a new trailer has hit the web and it has underlined everything that we have been looking forward to in this film. Slo-mo CGI-heavy action scenes popularized in "300" but potentially made better here? Check. The beautiful cinematic shots that we've come to expect from Singh's works? Check. A whole lot of Greek mythology to wet our gullet? Check, check, check.


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A Russian engineering genius with a score to settle. An abandoned bear with vengeance stuffed deep inside of his heart. A young but bitter wizard trying to decide which path is righteous and which path is wrong.

These are just some of the bad guys battling it out for the Best Villain category at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards this year, and based on the lineup of fearsome foes, it's not going to be a clean fight. Keep on reading for the full roster of this year's Best Villain nominees, then make sure to cast your vote for the winner today!

Tom Felton, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1"
The returning champ from last year's show, can Draco Malfoy win Best Villain again? Though the Slytherin loyalist has done some terrible things in his time, Draco is slowly inching towards the light — and with "Harry Potter" hurtling towards the finish line, one has to wonder if he'll be a villain for much longer.


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"Passion Play" is, in a world, surreal. It stars Mickey Rourke as a down-on-his-luck jazz musician named Nate, who comes to a circus and finds himself drawn to Lily (Megan Fox), aptly named the Bird Woman because of the wings on her back. But the growing bond between this unlikely pair is threatened by the ruthless businessman Happy Shannon, played by none other than "Zombieland" cameo master and expert "Ghostbusters" dodger Bill Murray.

Like I said, surreal: strange premise and an unlikely assemblage of high-profile actors, all under the watchful eye of director and writer Mitch Glazer. There's been a lot of buzz surrounding this movie (some good, some bad), but as always, the proof is in the pudding — or, in this case, the exclusive clip.

We've got an exclusive first-look at a scene from "Passion Play" which, sadly, does not feature any Mickey Rourke at all. Instead, this one's all about Lily and, to a much greater extent, Happy — who, we find out, is not really Happy at all. In a manner of speaking. Watch the clip and you'll see what I mean.

"Passion Play" opens in limited release on May 6.

Tell us what you think of the clip in the comments section and on Twitter!

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Yesterday's teaser for Tarsem Singh's latest movie "Immortals" could not have prepared us for the cinematic glory showcased in the full trailer, which arrived online today.

It's not that it's a story we haven't heard before. Greek warrior Theseus, played by "Man of Steel" actor Henry Cavill, has to summon the Titans in order to defeat the power-mad King Hyperion, the always-great Mickey Rourke. But despite the simple premise for the film (which, yes, sounds very similar to last year's "Clash of the Titans"), what has us so excited about this trailer is the visual stamp Singh has left on his work.


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Liam NeesonLiam Neeson has a particular set of skills. Skills he nearly didn't apply to "Taken 2."

Although a sequel to the Luc Besson-produced "Taken" is now officially on track, Deadline reports that leading man Neeson nearly passed on reprising his role as retired spy Bryan Mills. The actor reportedly wanted to take some time off from acting, which wouldn't have jived with Besson's hopes to shoot the film this year. Those issues have since been resolved, and Neeson will now shoot "Taken 2" either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2012.

But had Neeson passed on "Taken 2," some very interesting names were floated around as his possible replacement. Get the lowdown on these actors past the jump!


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Mickey Rourke's career received a nice boost in recent years, after his work in films like "Sin City" and "The Wrestler," the latter of which earned him an Oscar nomination. Now there's news that he may be taking on the challenging task of playing one man who himself played two roles in his daily life for more than 40 years.

Rourke is attached to star as Richard "The Ice Man" Kuklinski in an adaptation of the non-fiction bio "Ice Man: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer," The Hollywood Reporter reveals. As the title indicates, Kuklinski was a noted Mafia assassin who, for more than four decades, somehow managed to balance regular contract killings with the duties of a husband and father as a family man (as opposed to Family man) in suburban New Jersey. While I buy Rourke for the killer-type, the soccer dad seems like a tougher sell. He's just not the sort of guy I could see driving a minivan and acting as a loving breadwinner.

Then again, he showed real heart in "The Wrestler." Perhaps there's even more to the sensitive side that's just waiting to be tapped. He'll have help; "Blow" screenwriter David McKenna is penning the script.

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Last week, "Iron Man 2" star Mickey Rourke revealed in an interview with the Orlando Sentinel that he's set to star in a biopic about Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, written and directed by "Apocalypse Now" writer John Milius. MTV's Josh Horowitz learned a little more about the project when he spoke with Rourke over the weekend at the "Iron Man 2" press junket.

"It is [an epic movie]," Rourke said, "but because Milius is a really terrific writer, it's not your stereotypical blood and swords. It's almost done on a-- not quite a documentary historical background of the whole Mongol reign, but there's a lot of humor in it that you wouldn't expect." Read More...

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