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Mad Max

"Mad Max: Fury Road" has been filming for more than a month, and now we're finally getting some official details about what the upcoming reboot will be about.

A press release (via confirms the movie's July 9 start date and offers the closest we've come to a synopsis so far. In addition, we get a rundown of who each actor in the movie is playing, though not much about each character. Read more after the jump!


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Alexa Vega

So Alexa Vega, Carmen Cortez from the "Spy Kids" movies, tweeted out a picture of herself in her "Machete Kills" costume. She looks...different.

Also, "Django Unchained" finally wraps, and "Mad Max" pumps up the bass in today's Dailies!


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Last we heard, production was delayed on George Miller's upcoming "Mad Max" flick, "Fury Road." The sort-of reboot/sort-of sequel stars Tom Hardy as the titular badass. He's joined by a growing cast that already includes Zoe Kravitz, Teresa Palmer, Adelaide Clemens, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Riley Keough is in talks to join the cast as one of the Five Wives, a group of women (Kravitz, Palmer and Clemens being three of them) whom Hardy's Max must protect. Keough, who debuted last year playing Marie Currie in the Kristen Stewart/Dakota Fanning-starring Runaways biopic "The Runaways," also happens to be the granddaughter of Elvis Presley.

It's great to see the cast filling out. THR also reports that production should get going again "early next year." So good news all around for fans of dystopian future-worlds.

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Tom Hardy is an actor to watch these days. His 2009 role in "Bronson" not only proved that he could carry a movie, but that he could do it while engaging with challenging material. He's also in Chris Nolan's "Inception" (in theaters July 16), which by all accounts is one of this summer's best. But the big marker in Hardy's upcoming work to look towards is the coming "Mad Max" reboot, "Fury Road," which MTV's Josh Horowitz gleaned a bit more about when he spoke with the actor at the "Inception" junket over the weekend.

"I'm up for it," he said. "The process hasn't started yet, properly. I have to get out to Australia and sit down with [series creator and 'Fury Road' director George Miller], and I'll take it from there once it's the right time. I'm as ready as I think I can be." Hardy refused to spill anything specific, fearing deadly repercussions from the Warner Bros. press team. He dropped a few nuggets though. Read More...

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In an excitingly odd and unexpected twist, filmmaker George Miller is returning to the universe of "Mad Max" for his upcoming sequel "Fury Road." Tom Hardy is stepping in for the title role once filled by Mel Gibson. And Charlize Theron... well... we're not really sure what her part in the story is, other than the fact that it's a lead role.

Sadly, she's not saying anything. In fact, she's convinced that Miller or one of his lackeys is spying on her to make sure that nothing is said about the film out of school. MTV's Josh Horowitz put in his most valiant effort when he spoke to her on the red carpet at the Spike Guy's Choice Awards last weekend. She's not talking though, other than to gush about how excited she is to join this much-loved franchise.

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Oh Teresa Palmer. Had we but world enough, and time. We could sit together and I could tell you how much I liked the orphan movie you did with Daniel Radcliffe that wasn't "Harry Potter" (it was "December Boys"). 10,000 years I would devote to "Bedtime Stories!" An epoch to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice!"

So, Ms. Palmer, are you in the new "Mad Max," as was widely reported and initially revealed by your "Apprentice" co-star Jay Baruchel in an apparent slip of the lip?

"I may or may not be!"

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There's nothing worse than an Internet rumor, but I'll admit that I was kind of hoping this one would turn out to be true. Over the weekend, a story ran on Ain't It Cool News sparking a rumor that Patrick Stewart had joined the cast of the upcoming fourth "Mad Max" movie, "Fury Road." A lot of names have been flying around in connection with the movie and Stewart, speaking to a fan in Australia, said that he'd be working next with "Mad Max" creator George Miller on something that he said is not "Happy Feet 2."

"Fury Road" was of course the obvious assumption, but we decided to find out from a firsthand source before running anything. Stewart's publicist informs us that the rumors are untrue. Simple as that.

Move along people. There's nothing more to see here.

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Fans of post-apocalyptic adventures will soon get to enjoy a new offering from one of the genre's greats. "Mad Max" creator George Miller is very busy these days bringing together the fourth entry in that series, "Fury Road." We already know that Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron are the stars... but that's pretty much it.

Well not anymore. For starters, the cast is growing exponentially. "Clash of the Titans" actor Nicholas Hoult is now on board, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny), Teresa Palmer ("The Sorcerer's Apprentice") and Adelaide Clemens ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine") are also "in various states of negotiations to join" as well. That's not the best part though. "Mad Max" fans: we now know some story. Read More...

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"It's terrifying."

That's how Tom Hardy describes the ginormous scale of "Mad Max: Fury Road." And it's a terror the British actor will confront next year as he takes over the title role pioneered by Mel Gibson in George Miller's three previous post-apocalyptic action flicks.

"It's massive. It's enormous," he continued. "It's like turning a mountain upside down and pouring it through a sieve." Read More...

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DESCWell, that was fast. Barely a week since they were first rumored to be a part of the new "Mad Max" sequel, the news is official — Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are joining the cast of the George Miller-directed film.

According to separate reports in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, both actors have signed onto "Mad Max: Fury Road," the fourth installment in the action-packed franchise. Read More...

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