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Blake EdwardsWriter-director Blake Edwards' death was felt in Twitter-Wood today. His films such as "Breakfast at Tiffany"'s and "The Pink Panther" influenced generations of Hollywood talent, and a few such actors and directors, including Edgar Wright, Steve Martin and William Shatner paid their respects with posts.

The sports world was sad as well, with Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller passing away; Brody Stevens honored his legacy, while yet even more distraught tweets reacted to news that "Stargate Universe" has been canceled on Syfy. Check out who's going to miss it down below.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for December 16, 2010. Read More...

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Just Diablo Cody's pregnancy tweets have come to an end, so have Alanis Morissette's begun. The singer and actress proudly proclaimed her new status today, and seems to have picked up the baton where the Cody left it.

A few posts sneaked out of current entertainment projects as well over the last 24 hours, as Mark Webber showed off a Michael Cera shot that he saved from "Scott Pilgrim vs. The Wold," Robert Rodriguez completed "Machete," and Ice-T discussed Jennifer Love Hewitt's involvement in an upcoming episode of "Law and Order: SVU." Find out more about that, as well as what Stephen Colbert thinks about the girl in the job-quitting whiteboard prank after the jump.

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Justin Bieber's newly announced 3-D biopic from director Davis Guggenheim turned some heads on Twitter today. It was just one part of a shock-and-awe day of tweets that included Christopher Mintz-Plasse trying out a new look and reactions to reports that Brett Favre may not be back next season in the NFL (which has come to be a Twitter-Wood annual event).

Elsewhere, Russell Brand tried to calm his followers after a Lamborghini he was driving was involved in an accident. Find out how he describes the incident after the jump where you'll also see what Elizabeth Banks thought of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World."

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for August 3, 2010. Read More...

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Last night's posts coming out of Twitter-Wood were full of glamorous party shots from around San Diego and photo ops with cosplayers from Comic-Con. James Gunn for instance checked out some "Tron" costumes, while David Wain got detained by a couple of Stormtroopers.

Things were going on outside Comic-Con as well, though. Demi Moore took a pic with her "LOL" co-star Miley Cyrus. Bret Easton Ellis laughed at "Inception," and Rich Sommer went to a "Simpsons" read-through. You'll find those retweets and info on who had dinner with Ellen Page after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for July 23, 2010. Read More...

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The death of groundbreaking actress Lena Horne got conversations off to a sad start in Twitter-Wood this morning. News that fantasy and comics artist Frank Frazetta passed away as well sent a few more ripples.

Meanwhile, some of Twitter's biggest names like Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber woke up to find out that their follower counts had been reduced to zero. Their initial shock was tempered by news that hackers might have been behind some trouble on the site, but everything appears to be back to normal for now. Click on past the jump to find out how all of this news was received in Twitter-Wood for May 10, 2010. Read More...

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Jon Favreau confirmed earlier this year that he included the revered Hollywood sound sample "The Wilhelm Scream" in "Iron Man 2," but last night on Twitter, he stopped short of revealing where it ended up. I'm going to to see it tonight and see if I can figure it out. In the meantime, give it a listen, and report back here if you can identify the scene.

In other tweets, Lloyd Kaufman weighed in on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He also expressed disgust on the part of the Toxic Avenger. Rachelle Lefevre is helping Oprah out this weekend, and Alison Brie posted a pic from her "Community" rehearsal. You can give that a look after the jump along with Larry King's photo op with Betty White. It's all Twitter-Wood for May 7, 2010. Read More...

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The passing of former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren saddened some Twitter-Wood posts today, and Edgar Wright was among those thinking about a proper tribute to him. Elsewhere, David Lynch called out one of his own life's accomplishments, pointing out the 20th anniversary of "Twin Peaks" premiering on TV.

Lloyd Kaufman, meanwhile, stepped up in defense of a remake of one of his classics, "The Toxic Avenger," which is being backed by Akiva Goldsman. You can find those retweets after the jump along with John Cusack's fighting words for Internet trolls and Chris Kattan's thoughts on Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy's breakup in Twitter-Wood for April 8th, 2010. Read More...

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Bankruptcy rumors about Blockbuster were not met with sympathy from one filmmaker in the Twitter-Wood feed. Troma Entertainment's Lloyd Kaufman took the opportunity to sound off about his long-running dissatisfaction with the video rental giant, and he doesn't wish them well.

Elsewhere, Simon Pegg has been pushing forward with filming on "Burke and Hare," and he mentioned a scene location today that the movie will share with "Gladiator." Emmy Rossum geared for some March Madness basketball action, and Kat Dennings bought a spiffy new pair of boots. You can check those out after the jump along some of the weirdest sock monkey headgear ever to the grace this column in Twitter-Wood for March 19th, 2010. Read More...

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Complaints about surveillance trended in today's Twitter-Wood feed. "Eclipse" actor Alex Meraz credited photo-enabled radar detection for a speeding ticket he received, while Ken Jeong harped on Twitter's new location identification system and asked whether or not his fans would want him to use it.

In a rare Twitter appearance, Elizabeth Taylor unleashed some pointed complaints over post-Oscars stories written about Kathy Irelend. I've retweeted one of those, but you can click on over to her account to read the rest. Meanwhile, check out some photos from Tom Hanks in Washington, D.C., Christian Serratos with a hot dog and a posting from the "Office" writers room. It's all in Twitter-Wood for March 11th, 2010. Read More...

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Most of Twitter-Wood is getting prepped for the Oscars right now, including Neil Gaiman, who will be wearing a custom-made jacket. Kevin Smith gave Gaiman a gentle poke about the decision, and Neil Patrick Harris chimed in to put some rumors about his Oscar plans to rest.

Another television event stirred up commentary this week, with Sarah Palin appearing on Jay Leno's relaunched "Tonight Show." Sandra Bernhard and Rich Sommer were unimpressed. Check out those retweets after the jump along with Lloyd Kaufman's "Eclipse" question and info on which "Twilight" stars you can expect to see showing up in InStyle soon. It's all documented in Twitter-Wood for March 3rd, 2010. Read More...

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