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It's got more gunplay than your local post office, enough close-ups of the female posterior to make Sir Mix-a-Lot blush, and so many dirty words it'll likely be banned before you finish reading this sentence. Quentin Tarantino and his motley crew call it "Hell Ride," and it sure is one helluva something.

What, exactly, depends on your own personal tolerance for murder, mayhem, mud-wrestling and Michael Madsen in a tree, doing an owl imitation.

The flick, which premiered this week at Sundance, follows two warring biker posses. Set in a surreal world where every woman wants a roll in the hay, and every man knows he can shoot another man in the crotch without any fear of interference from the police, it revolves around three keys labeled "666," the 1976 murder of a biker babe and a whole lot of vengeance. Read More...

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